Corona Precautions:


1. Each class comes and leaves school at different times and through different doors.  To limit the amount of close contact between people in high-traffic situations, we ask parents to wait outside and not to enter the building.  Since some families have children in different grades, for your convenience, families should arrive and leave together at the youngest child's class schedule. 

2. All students must wash their hands before and after every class that occurs outside the main classroom, after using the restrooms, and before and at the end of school.  We have designated sink areas for each class.  


3. Every child’s temperature is taken before coming to school every morning. A temperature chart is attached to his or her homework notebook.  The students bring their homework notebook with their temperature recorded every day.  


4. All students have been asked to bring gloves for when we play with P.E. equipment, including balls.

5. For music classes, we singing softly and using rhythm instruments, dancing, and learning about the history of famous songs.  3rd grade is learning notes and rhythm with handbells and 4/5 graders are learning how to play the ukulele.

6. Many activities and events including field trips, school assemblies, and special performances are only done with masks and social distance.  All events that can be recorded are put on YouTube so that parents and friends of the family can still enjoy our students' activities.  We went on a field trip to a local sports park in November.  We walked there and enjoyed many outdoor activities:  sports, relays, and a picnic lunch.  It was wonderful!  Our 6th graders are going on a ski trip on February 9 in Yamanashi.  


7. If any child gets sick with a fever or a cough, he or she is separated until pick up is arranged.  We have had a remarkably low number of sick children this year. 


8. We all wear masks or face shields while indoors, except for lunch, so please have your child bring an extra mask in case the first one gets wet or dirty.  


9. The classes and halls are regularly ventilated.  It's cold right now, so students are encouraged to wear layers and coats.


10. We eat all snacks and lunches in our classrooms.   


11. We have daily outside playtime with a limited size of students.  We do not require masks outside. 


12. We have begun walking to the public library once a month.  The library is now allowing us, with reservations, to come and check out a few books.  We are walking one class at a time. It's nice to get out!


In spite of these restrictions, we are providing an excellent and active education for our students.  Our school is safer than many because of our small classes and our ability to keep them separate.  The teachers are working hard thinking of engaging, learning activities that have made this year a fun, active year.  We will continue to do our best.  Thank you for your support. 






  • 登校時間:8:35-8:50   下校時間:2:40-2:50   (始業時間:8:50  終業時間:2:40)

  • 出入口:建物向かって右側のサイドドア



  • 登校時間:8:45-8:55   下校時間:3:10-3:20   (始業時間:8:55  終業時間:3:10)

  • 出入口:正面のドア



  • 登校時間:8:50-9:05   下校時間:3:20-3:30   (始業時間:9:05  終業時間:3:20)

  • 出入口:小学4-5年生は正面のドア




  • 自分のメインの教室以外で行われる授業の前後

  • トイレを使用した後

  • 始業前と終業後





4、毎朝、学校に来る前に、お子さんの体温を測って来て下さい。 宿題用のノートに「体温記録用紙」を添付しておきます。生徒は毎日必ず、体温の記録と一緒に宿題用のノートを持ってくるよにして下さい。もし、体温が37.5℃以上あった場合は、最低でも24時間は学校に連れて来ないようにして下さい。病気の兆候がないか、特に、咳、発熱、重度の疲れがないかどうか注意して観察するようにして下さい。今年度は、欠席日数を数えません。もし、お子さんに上記の症状が見られる場合は、お休みするよにして下さい。



  • ボールで遊ぶ時に使う手袋(100円ショップの手袋で構いません。)、なわとび、バトミントンのラケット

  • 小学3年生は、同じサイズの古い靴下を3足持ってきて下さい。ジャグリングを学びます!

  • 持ち物には全て、お子さんの名前を書いて下さい。





















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