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Covid and Influenza Policy for NLIS from April 2023


If a child tests positive for Covid 19 or influenza, they cannot attend school for five days. Please follow the advice from your doctor concerning your child's health.

Rules for hygiene at NLIS:


All students and staff must wash their hands after using the toilet and before eating.  


We cannot brush our teeth at school as it is not hygienic to spit in communal sinks. 


Observe your child for signs of illness, especially a sore throat, a cough, fever, or severe fatigue. If your child has any symptoms mentioned, please keep them at home.


If any child gets sick, they will be separated until they can be picked up.


We will not require masks. Children and teachers may decide whether to wear or not wear a mask.  

Since the high school uses the cafeteria, we eat all snacks and lunches in our classrooms or outside this year.  

Parents are welcome in the building at any time. 


We will have guest speakers, field trips, go to the library, and do all activities as held before the pandemic.  

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