Covid Policy for NLIS


If a child tests positive for Covid 19:

1.      He or she cannot attend school for 7 days.  He or she should follow any advice from the doctor about going out and being infectious. 

(The 7 days is recommended by the Yamanashi City Health Center as of February 2022.  With variant changes, this recommended time may change.)

2.     All of his or her siblings cannot attend school for 7 days.

3.     All who were exposed to a sick child directly in the class, students, and teacher(s), cannot attend school for at least 5 days.

4.     Secondary contacts, siblings that are in another class but were not exposed to the sick child directly, do not need to miss school.

5.     All students and teachers of the school will be on extra alert.


The letter below still applies as of February 26, 2022.

April 2021


Dear Parents,


We are looking forward to starting our new school year on April 6, 2021.  In order for our school to be a safe environment, we will follow the suggested guidelines in Japan.  These require a shift in how we do things, so we ask for your help and support as we implement these changes.  Please read the following and help your child understand the importance of observing the rules at all times. 


Each class will come and leave school at a different time and through a different door.  To limit the amount of close contact between people in high-traffic situations, we ask parents to be aware of crowding in the building and to practice social distance.  For families that have children in different grades, for your convenience, families should arrive and leave together at the oldest child's class schedule.  The teachers will watch the children before and after classes.  No child should come late to his or her class or leave early.  We want the children in their classes to learn the entire school day.  Class schedules are as follows: 


            K-2nd graders             Classes start at 9:05 and end at 3:00.            

            K-2nd graders use the side, front door to enter and leave the school.


            3rd - 6th graders          Classes start at 9:00 and end at 3:10. 


            3rd through 6th graders use the front entrance doors to enter and leave the school.


            7th - 9th graders          Classes start at 8:50 and end at 3:20.


            7th-9th graders use the south doors when entering or leaving the main building.


All students must wash their hands before and after every class that occurs outside the main classroom, and after using the restrooms.  We have designated sink areas for each class.  Please have your child bring a clean hand towel to dry his or her hands every day.


We cannot brush our teeth at school.  Spitting in school is not safe at this time.


Please take your child’s temperature before coming to school every morning. Your child will have a temperature chart attached to his or her homework notebook.  The students must bring their homework notebook with their temperature recorded every day.  If the temperature is 37.5 or above, please do not bring your child to school for at least 24 hours.  Watch your child carefully for signs of illness, especially coughing, fever, or severe fatigue.  If your child has any of the symptoms mentioned, please keep him or her home.


If any child gets sick with a fever or a cough, he or she will be separated until he or she can be picked up.


We will all wear masks indoors most of the day, so please have your child bring an extra mask in case the first one gets wet or dirty.  We will not require masks outside but we still practice social distancing.  We get tired of wearing masks every day, so our classes will take "mask breaks" by going outside for 10 minutes for fresh air without the mask every afternoon. 


The classes and halls will be regularly ventilated. 


We will eat all snacks and lunches in our classrooms this year.  Grades 3 through 9 eat outside if the weather permits.  The students enjoy a short recess after eating.


We will have recess and P.E. classes, mostly outside and with no masks. 


All students walk to the public library two times a month.  The library does not allow us to stay more than 20 minutes, and we have to have reservations to avoid crowding. 


We will have two field trips this year.  One will use public transportation, but only if it is deemed safe in May. The field trip is mostly outside at a butterfly park.  The other field trip is our sports day at Midorigakoen Gym.  The students and teachers will walk to the sports gym.


We will ask for guests and parents to come and speak to us, but they will speak behind a barrier, and the students will sit socially distanced, at least a meter from each other.  We are planning a drama workshop, a ventriloquist act, and several guest speakers during Christianity week.


Parents are welcome in the building, but we ask that everyone wear a mask, sanitize their hands with the sanitizer in the front as they come in and that social distance is observed.


In spite of the pandemic, we will work hard to help your children have a great school year.  I believe our school is safer than many because of our small classes.  The teachers are working hard thinking of engaging learning activities that will make this year a fun, active year.  Thank you for your support. 


God bless you and your families!


Suzy Brown



2021年4月6日に新学期が始まるのを楽しみにしています。NLISは日本で提案されたガイドラインに従い,安全な環境 を保っています。



各クラスは、決まられた登下校時間に、決まられたドアを利用し,学校に出入りします。交通量の多い状況での人との密接な接触を制限するため保護者の皆様には校内の混雑を認識し,距離を保つようお願いします。学年の違うお子様が通っている場合,帰りが遅い子を待ち,一緒に 下校します。授業を早めに終わったお子さんは、担任の先生とクラスで待機。クラスに遅れて来たり,決められた登校時間より早く来ないようにして下さい。クラスのスケジュールは次のとおりです。

K- 2年生のクラスは,午前9:00から午後3:00時









生徒は,(教室から出た後、お手洗い後など) 欠かさずに手を洗う必要があります。クラスごとに手洗い場を指定しています。







学校内,教室,廊下,ジム  など定期的に清潔な環境をたもっています。

今年は, スナックやランチは教室でいただきます。

安全を確信したうえ  マスク着用無しにて、なるべく体育、スナックタイム、休み時間などは,外ですごします。

小学三年生は,一ヶ月に2回図書館に通います。コロナ感染予防の為20分以上の滞在は、禁じられています。 図書館に行く前には、混雑を避けるため,予約を入れてから来館。