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What do parents think about NLIS?   (See below for what some of the students think, too!)

What things parents value about NLIS:

Teachers are very caring.


After-school care is helpful for working parents.  The teacher helps the students with the homework.


The teachers are hard-working, and everyone is very friendly.


You can see how the students are having fun learning at school.


Loving environment, Teacher-student ratio, and English language environment


Thank you so much for loving and teaching my kids every day!


Low peer pressure

To be able to learn with students from various nationalities.


I thank you for lovingly caring for our kids’ characters, and I appreciate that you honor their willingness and their opinions.


School has provided a positive mental state for the children.  They love attending school and have a positive attitude toward going to school.


I think I’m a member of the NLIS family and it’s very valuable.


Christian Education


Quality of teachers


The students support each other


The students learn diversity and are free to express their opinions.


Like a family!


You care for students with loving warmth like a family.


Students and teachers are gentle and kind.  I think this school is wonderful.


Teachers and staff are kind, approachable, and understanding. 

Teachers care for the children individually and their characters.  The teachers never force your sense of value so students feel free to work or study with no stress.


Teachers don’t treat their students as “children” but treat them as “mature people.”  When the teacher sees them doing badly, you correct them.


I appreciate the staff workers.  I trust them.


We feel secure about our children's mental health.  We feel secure as parents to send them to this school.


Thank you always!


One teacher per small number of students is good!


Our child is very happy!  Additionally, NLIS is a diverse community with a global perspective.  NLIS allows our child to develop, adapt, and become a more versatile learner.


Our child has changed positively ever since she joined NLIS.  She enjoys coming to school every morning.  She still wishes that there were no weekends so that she could keep coming to school. 



A loving child-centered school, where teachers help support and recognize my child's strengths and weaknesses create an environment that makes my child happy to go to school.




We appreciate the school taking our child in even though it was mid-year, providing him with a safe environment in which to learn and grow.


The things I value most about NLIS are 1) a safe environment in which my child can learn  2) the Teaching of values that should be adhered to both in and out of school  3) Respect for religious beliefs other than Christianity.


NLIS is the best school in the whole world on the point that all the teachers love their students as much as they love God.  


NLIS is a great school with a good, loving, and caring faculty.  Teachers are very good and focused on teaching.  My child is learning lots of things and activities under the teachers' guidance.  We wish that this school grows fast.  The education level and practical knowledge given by teachers are very good.  NLIS is just fantastic!  --a father of a 3rd-grade child


NLIS has provided my daughter with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment in which she has been able to find her talents and strengths and blossom into a confident child. - father of a 4th grader


"Love."  That's the word that best describes NLIS.  Two of my children are growing and being educated in love.  -- a mother of 2nd and 4th-grade children


My son joined NLIS last year as a 1st grader and is in the 2nd grade this year.  His English has grown greatly, but I can also see that he has started to have his own ideas and is more independent.  When he was a 1st grader, he always asked me to help or to check his homework, but this year he has confidence and does his homework by himself.  I think it happens because the teachers accept his whole individual character and work to develop those characters.  He tells his idea positively in our conversation and he even makes me shocked sometimes because he says, "I think this way because of this..."  I appreciate the teachers for accepting the good sides of students' individual character and developing them with structure.  -- a mother of a 2nd grader


Both our daughters are very happy at NLIS, and I believe that it is mostly due to the fabulous loving environment in the school, which allows them to flourish naturally in their own way. - a father of 2nd and 4th-grade children


Student's thoughts
NLIS is a school I can comfortably learn.  The teachers are all supportive and they are all good teachers.  My teacher tries hard for all the students to understand and helps them to know what they are supposed to do.  I am happy to be in NLIS!   7th grader
I love my teacher.  I love my friends. 3rd grader
I love coming to NLIS. Every night, I can't wait to go to school.  I feel very safe.  I love my teachers and friends and my principal.  I love learning at NLIS. I love the school the way it is.    3rd grader
I really like to come to NLIS.  I learn a lot and the principal is very kind, and all the teachers are kind, too.   3rd grader
I learned so much about math.  I enjoy recess.  4th grader
I am enjoying NLIS.  I like PE.  4th grader
I like NLIS's teachers so much.  I like to go to NLIS every day.   3rd grader
I love going to school because it is really fun.   6th grader
I want to go to school every day because school is fun.  5th grader
All the teachers care for me and in all the classes I learn something.   2nd grader
I really think this school is a success!  NLIS has taught me a ton of things!  Thank you!  4th grader
I have a lot of fun in school.  6th grader.

This school is an awesome school!  All teachers are so friendly and they really put so much work into teaching us, students.  We are like a family and I really enjoy coming to this school every day.  I am so grateful for being able to come to this school.  The Best School!    6th grader


The teachers are nice, they care about me, and my classmates are kind and friendly. This is a great school!  6th grader


Every day I like to see my teachers and friends and I like school.  2nd grader


I think NLIS is a safe place where I can learn and play.  1st grader


I think NLIS school is fun and good. 1st grader


I love learning at school.  I love NLIS. 2nd grader


I think NLIS is a great school.  I really learned a lot in NLIS.  Every morning I am waiting to come to school.  2nd grader


I thank my parents that I could come here because sometimes Japan’s schools sometimes have bullies. 4th-grade boy


Thank you for giving us time to play and thank you for teaching us new things.  3rd-grader girl


I’m happy here because everyone is nice and friendly.  3rd-grade boy

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