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Asahi Sign-up List

Thank you to all who signed up, and thank you for the wonderful donations. I hope we can sell everything and be closer to buying or renting a great building for our secondary students.

Monday, November 28 is the last day we can accept donations. This gives the student council time to price the items. Thank you, again, for your generosity!

The booth does not open until 10:00, so the time to start moving the items to the booth area has been changed from 9:00 to 10:00 to 9:30 to 10:30. Asahi Dori won't close the street to cars until 10:00 so we can't put the items out until then, but we can carry all the items down the stairs and put them in the sidewalk. For those who were involved with our last one, the location is the same. It is right in front of the bus stand and next to the new plant shop on Asahi Dori. It's very convenient for our school since we can walk straight across the street from the school to the booth area.

If you haven't signed up, but want to come to help, please come! Also, please buy things. :)


*9:30-10:30 Mr. Brown, Mr. Rasson, Miss Stadius, Mrs. Yuki, Miyuki, Yuji, Momoka, Yushin, Yuki Hagahara, Paul, Freyja, Shimon

10:00-10:30 Kai & Naomi, Trevor

10:00-11:00 Mrs. Brown, Senna & Hannah, Ximena, Yu, Freyja, Ai Taniguchi

11:00-12:00 Miss Minshull, Hiroto, Haruya, Ximena, Yu, Freyja, Rikuto, Taiyo, Mahiro & Yuno, Tomohisa, Gen, Seung Ho, Shirley & Kenshi, Tomomichi

12:00-1:00 Miss Ito 12:00-1:30, Shioli, Chaitvi, Nina, Saki,

Taiyo 11-12:45

1:00-2:00 Aiko, Tyler, Noah, Kaye, Rito, Kae & Orie, Avidan, Yuria, Miyu, Chihana & Eisei

1:30-2:30 Miss Yi

2:00-3:00 May, Miyu, Layla, Shin en

2:30-4:00 Mrs. Brown

3:00-4:00 Mr. Brown, Miss Stadius, Masumi


*We will be carrying the items to and from the booth from the school. If we run out of goods to sale, we will close earlier.

On another note, Gen's father, Jacob Koller, will be playing at the festival. I hope we all can support him and enjoy his fantastic talent!

I'm looking forward to Wednesday!

Suzy Brown

Principal of New Life International School

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