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December News (New!)

Dear Parents,

As many of you know, NLIS has had a bit of sickness running through the children, teachers, staff, and the principal. I’m hoping that we are on the back end of it now and we can get back to all our great plans that we had made. There is a saying, “Man plans, and God laughs.” We have to be humble when our plans are changed. I’m thankful that everyone is recovering well.

December 13th is report card day. Please look over it, sign it, and return it with your child.

Wednesday, December 14th is the Parent’s English Bible study. We are going to have a little Christmas party! I’ll have a few games ready to play and a short Bible study. If you haven’t come before, please come! I think you will enjoy it!

Thursday, December 15th, from 2:00 to 4:30, and on Friday, December 16, from 8:30 to 9:30, we are going to have a Christmas Market in the gym! We will sell all the wonderful goods that you so generously donated for the Asahi Festival. Please come and help us make some money for the high school building. There are a lot of nice items available. There are books, clothes, kitchen goods, toys, etc. The “Christmas Market” will open at 2:00 so if parents want to give the children some money to buy some things, we will allow them to go shopping.

On Friday, December 16th, grades 3 and up will enjoy participating in a drama workshop.

Monday, December 19th is our Christmas program presentation. Please come early to get parking. We will start the program at 2:00. As soon as it is finished, please leave quickly to help ease the parking. There is also a paid parking lot off of Asahi Dori. On Monday, we would like every child to dress in any of these colors: red, green, white, or black. We hope they look festive!

Tuesday, December 20th, is the last day before the holidays. The classes will all have parties. Please make sure your child brings his or her wrapped gift by Dec. 16. Remember, it should only be around 400 yen to 600 yen. No lunch is needed on this day since they will have snacks at the party and school will close at 12:00.

Every child will have a small amount of winter homework. We feel strongly that the holidays are mostly about family, so we give less homework in most cases during these holidays. Please see the winter homework policy below.

Grades 3 and up must work on the science fair. Each student has received an explanation of what a science project should look like, and a grading rubric. We are excited about the projects! We invite all parents to come and see these great presentations. The fair will be on February 17. New Life International students are amazing!

If you have any questions about any of the above, please ask any of the workers at NLIS. We are here to help your child grow.

School will open on the 10th of January with regular times.

Happy Holidays!

Suzy Brown

Principal of New Life International School

Homework Policy:

This season is a family time full of traditional activities. Therefore, only a small amount of homework is assigned during this time.


· Read up to 2 books and a few worksheets

· If there is no English support at home, watch a number of English shows and draw a picture of each.

· Japanese homework (1st and 2nd grade only)


· Read 2 books and write a summary

· If there is no English support at home, watch a number of English shows and write a summary of each to keep the listening up.

· Finish any homework or projects not done.

· Japanese homework

· Work on the science fair project.


· Work on community service, if possible.

· Finish any homework or projects not done.

· Japanese homework

· Work on the science fair project.

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