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March News

Can you believe that the 2022-23 school year is almost finished? We only have two more weeks before our students will be in the next grade. They have worked hard this year and the teachers are very proud of their achievements. Please see below the many activities planned for March.

Mar. 1, Wednesday:

P.S.E. General Assembly from 2:00 in the auditorium. There is a Japanese as a foreign language class from 3:00 in the cafeteria.

Mar. 3, Friday:

Last school assembly of the year

Lockdown Drills: This is an annual drill where each class turns off the lights, gets away from the doors and windows, and “lockdowns” the school to prevent any intruder from entering the buildings. We are serious about keeping our precious students as safe as we can!

Parent’s English Bible Study 2:00-3:00

Mar. 6, Monday:

Clean Day! There is no uniform since we will be cleaning. We will turn the music on and do some deep-down scrubbing! The students should bring a large bag so they can take home most of their supplies.

Graduation Practice

Mar. 7, Tuesday:

Minute-to-Win-It School wide Games We celebrate our school year by rotating in different rooms and playing some fun relay games! If students have a school t-shirt, please have them wear it on this day.

Graduation Practice

Mar. 8, Wednesday:

School is off at 12:00. There is no lunch on this day. Please have your children bring a snack.

Graduation Ceremony!

Graduation will start at 10:45. Because of space, only parents and grandparents of the graduates can join. All the students will join, though, to help celebrate the achievements of NLIS’ ten graduates. We will take pictures and videos and post them on Facebook for everyone to enjoy later.

Some exciting news for the new school year starting in April, Erin Okuaki has volunteered to come and be a special visitor to teach art to our classes from time to time. Mrs. Okuaki has been trained in art, especially painting so we are very excited about her help! She is also going to start a karate class after school once a week from April.

If you are interested in any of the after school programs, please ask the office or your child’s teacher. The prices vary depending on the classes. NOTE: NLIS does not collect or charge any fee for these classes. These classes are all independently operated by the different teachers in charge.

Afterschool classes or programs are as follows:

Afterschool care in Miss Stadius’ classroom

Bible discussion club in Miss Yi’s classroom for girls in grades 7 through 12

English as a Foreign Language, beginner, intermediate, and advanced

Eiken tutoring

Japanese as a foreign language

Japanese language for Japanese


On a final note, I am enjoying getting to know each of the students a little better now that I’m a full-time principal. Visiting the rooms, chatting with the students during lunches, greeting them in the mornings, and having them come to visit me in my office is a great privilege. Each child is special in God’s eyes and very dear! I also appreciate the parents who visit with me.

Warm regards,


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