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New Teacher

June 14, 2022

Dear Parents,

I have loved teaching for most of my life, but as NLIS keeps growing, it has become necessary for me to stop teaching and focus on the administration of the school. The WASC accreditation stated last year that it was necessary, lest I burn out, and they are right.

Therefore, it is with mixed emotions that I announce a new teacher for the 3rd and 4th grade class. Her name is Sue Yi. She is a Korean-American who has taught 3rd grade in Chicago for 15 years. She has an elementary education degree, a Master’s degree in education, and a teacher’s license. She also has a gifted and talented certificate, and a 120-hour Teaching English to Second Language Certificate. She also taught in Thailand for 2 years and has been to Japan before. She comes highly recommended by her principal, her coworker, and her pastor’s wife. All the teachers have met her online, and everyone liked her. She is going to be an excellent addition to NLIS, and my students will love her. She doesn’t speak Korean well, by the way, but is a native English speaker. She was born and has always lived in America, except for the 2 years in Thailand. I love that we are getting more teachers from other international backgrounds!

Miss Yi will arrive in Japan on July 2nd. We will help her to look for an apartment close to the school and to settle in. She will start teaching approximately Monday, July 11. I will help her to adjust gradually for a few days by staying in the classroom at first. Then I will move next door. I will “pop” in the class weekly, and will always be available for hugs.

Please help Miss Yi love Japan, New Life International School, the students, and the parents as much as I do by warmly greeting her and helping her to adjust to a new culture and job.

As principal with no teaching duties, I will be able to visit the classes regularly, train the teachers, work on accreditation, and catch up on other administrative work that I am woefully behind in doing. New Life International School will be a better school.

Thank you very much.


Suzy Brown

Principal of NLIS

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