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Obento lunch orders available! (日本語下)

June 15, 2022

Dear Parents,

An obento shop, “Kafufu Café” has opened on Asahi Dori 1-5-2 near the corner of Asahi Dori and Yamanami Dori. It is offering a very good deal for our students. They can deliver hot Japanese lunchboxes to the school for only ¥300.

The details are a little complicated. There are two boxes in the entrance of the main doors. One says, “Lunch Box – Clean Ones,” and the other says, “Today’s Lunch.” When your child leaves a clean empty bento box and a soup thermos with his or her name on both in the first box, the next day he or she will receive a fresh lunch in the “Today’s Lunch” box. The café will deliver it to our school. Then your child will bring the used dishes home to clean. If you have your child bring a clean obento box every day, it can be placed it in the “Clean Ones” box if you pay ahead.

The school is only providing the space for the boxes, so the parents or children must go to the store to order and pay for the lunches. Please see the phone number in the information below for more details.

Some parents are already using this delivery service and are very happy with it.

1) Please contact the café directly and give them information, such as allergies, quantity and so on, before you begin your ordering.

2) Be sure to have your bento boxes with a name tag or a sticker.

3) The price is ¥500 if you do not give them your child’s obento box.

4) For adults, it costs ¥500 in your bento box.

Obento shopKafufu Café”

Place: 1-5-2 Asahi Kofu

Phone:080-4656-0122 (Ms. Sato)

Open: 7:00~9:00 / 11:30~13:30



「かふふカフェ」が 朝日通りに開店しました。やまなみ通りとの角より近いところにあります。
















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