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October News and Reminders:

October 4th, 11th, and the 18th are early dismissal days. The school will be out from 1:45 on each day. The teachers have WASC training on Zoom.

Science for Tomorrow Art Contest drawings are due on November 6 in the morning. We have to mail them on November 6th.

Kindergarten News: Ashkaya Nair and Chiho Takei are substituting in the kindergarten class. They both have years of experience teaching and are doing a great job.

NLIS has made the difficult decision to close the kindergarten after this school year. There are many reasons. The biggest is we don’t have enough classrooms for the higher grades. There are many good kindergarten schools in Kofu, but there are no other all-English junior high and high schools, so we want to concentrate on secondary school.

The 16th is the 100th day of the school year. The elementary students will have a lot of learning activities that have to do with 100 days, years, kilometers, centimeters, history 100 years ago, and dreams of what it will be 100 years from now.

Thursday, October 19th, is picture day! A professional photographer will come to the school to take pictures of your child. They will be available for you to purchase before Christmas. The pictures make excellent Christmas gifts for grandparents. Thursday, October 26th, is for picture retakes for any who miss the 19th.

Monday, October 23rd, is Open Campus for prospective parents. If you know of any interested parents, please let them know about this opportunity. We will have a Japanese and English PowerPoint presentation, a tour of the school, and a look at the curriculum.

Friday, October 27th, is the day classrooms will have fall parties. Teachers will be sending requests to the class volunteers. Thank you for helping the students create nice memories of their school life.

The food drive begins on Monday, October 30th until the middle of November. Thank you for always being so generous with the food donations.

Christmas market: Please start gathering your items to donate. We will start collecting on November 1st. The students are very excited about this.

Please see the updated October calendar below.

October Events

3rd T Report Cards 7-11

4th W Early Off 1:45; WASC Teacher Training

5th Th World Teacher Appreciation Day ☺

6th F Library; English Parents’ Bible Study

9th M OFF Sports Day (school is closed)

10th-13th T-F Standardized Testing

11th W Early Off 1:45; WASC Teacher Training

13th F Assembly

16th M 100 Days of School! ☺

18th W Early Off 1:45; WASC Teacher Training

19th TH Picture Day

20th F Library; English Parents’ Bible Study

23rd M Open Campus

26th TH Picture Retakes

27th F Fall Parties ☺

30th – Nov. Food bank (more details later)

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1st and 2nd grades are closed due to influenza A. The classes will open on Monday, November 13. The 1st grade has over 50% of children with influenza A. The 2nd grade has 35%. Please take care.

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