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Personal Safety Week

June 13, 2023

Dear Parents,

The teachers will teach the annual course on Personal Safety during the week of June 20-23. The lessons will help kindergarten through grade 4 children understand the following:

Safe Touches

· A Safe Touch is full of love and comfort.

  • An Unsafe Touch is full of pain, fear, or anger. It is not suitable for anyone.

  • Unwanted Touch - Any attention that is not appreciated or trusted is unwanted.

Children will learn the Touching Rule:

  • No one should touch areas under a swimsuit except to help you stay clean and healthy.

  • They will learn the anatomically correct names for body parts.

Students will learn the following Safety Steps: (no, go, yell, tell)

1. Say "NO" (loudly).

2. Go, get away fast.

3. Tell an adult.

The teachers will discuss where the students should go and who to tell inside and outside the family. They will emphasize that it is never a child's fault if someone breaks the Touching Rule.

Grades 5-11 will discuss the following:

  • Healthy Relationships: boundaries and signs to be aware in unhealthy relationships

  • Menstrual Cycle for the girls

  • Endocrine System

  • Stranger Danger Internet Safety

  • Sex education

  • Puberty, breast, and testicle checks (gender separated)

We will separate the classes into six groups.

1. Miss Ito and Miss Ilagan will co-teach the kindergarten and grade 1 children. They are the only ages that will not separate into genders.

2. Miss Stadius will teach the boys in grades 2 through 4.

3. Miss Yi will teach the girls in grades 2 through 4.

  1. Mr. Brown and Mr. Rasson will teach the boys in grades 5 through 11. The older boys in grades 9 and up will separate for a lesson or two.

  2. Miss Boko will teach the girls in grades 5 through 10.

You may want to discuss this subject further with your child. Our children need to be aware of what to do in all circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher or me.

Thank you for helping our school community be a safer place!

Warmest regards,

Suzy Brown


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