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Student Council Information


As mentioned in the February newsletter, students will be voting on next years' student leaders. Here is what they do and why it's so important for our students to participate in the student council.

What is a Student Council?


●      Being on the Student Council is a great way to become an active school and community member.

●      It provides a forum where students can be a leader and have a say in the activities we provide at school.  It is also a great way to meet other NLIS students, show school spirit and have fun.

●      Representatives will be five leaders in our school, one from grades 5 through 12. 

●      It looks amazing on a college application.


How does a member get elected?


●      Be accepted through the nomination process. 

●      A class member will nominate you; you may accept or decline.

●      If too many in your class want to join, class members will have a secret vote to decide. 

●      One or two members per grade are nominated. 

●      Five members will be chosen in a secret election.

●      The results are announced in a school assembly.


Member Requirements

Student Council members must have the following:


●      Excellent behavior.

●      Attendance at scheduled meetings.   Meetings will usually be a lunch meeting with the five members in the cafeteria at least two times a month.

●      You must make a 75% average or above in all classes on report cards.

●      A signed permission slip by a parent.

●      A willingness to have fun and work hard to make NLIS and the community better!


What Do Student Councils Do?

Participate in activities such as:


●      Help with the School Assemblies

●      Help with the Christmas Market

●      Help the PSE with the food drives

●      Plan a school spirit week

●      Community Events

●      Order the School T-shirt, as needed

●      Help with field trips.


What Else?

●      Help organize and run events sometimes before, during, or after school.

●      Ask other students and parents what they would like to see in our school, decide on what seems good to you, develop a plan, and present your ideas to your teachers and Principal.

●      Make announcements.

●      Make posters.

●      Participate in activities that make NLIS a better school.





·      Lead the meetings.

·      Assign jobs to everyone.

·      Help lead the assembly.

·      Before the assembly, the council should discuss problems from the last one and new ideas for the next, if needed.   Also, tell the Principal if the council is doing something special, to announce it at the assembly.

·      Listen to the students’ opinions.

·      Form a collective opinion and present the ideas to the principal.

·      Farewell speech at the last assembly.

·      Help announce the new student council members at the last assembly.

·      Support the Vice-president.

·      Help make posters and flyers.



·      Support the President

·      Work as a treasurer

  • Collect T-shirt money 

  • Collect Christmas market money and calculate the total received.

  • Be the President when the President is out.

  • Listen to the students’ opinions.

  • Help lead the assembly.

·      Help make posters and flyers.



●      Record what the student council did in every meeting.

Things to include: Date, items discussed, and things decided.  (Be as accurate and concise as possible.)

●      Help make posters and flyers.

  • Help lead the assembly.

  • Listen to the students’ opinions.

  • Make a student council file on google docs or a normal file that contains all the documents you made in the student council.



●      Share ideas freely.

●      Help other members.

●      Help lead the assembly.

●      Do jobs assigned by the President or head teachers.

●      Listen to the students’ opinions.


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