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School Faculty

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Suzy C.jpeg

Suzy Brown, founder and principal of the school, has an M.A. in Language and Literacy, a B.S. in Elementary Education, a teacher's certificate for grades 1 through 8, and a gifted and talented certificate.  Mrs. Brown has experience teaching in the public school system in Texas, USA, in several colleges, and at NLIS.  She loves teaching, and she loves the students!

この学校の創設者で、校長でもあるスージー・ブラウン先生は、初等教育の学士号を持ち、語学や文学に関しては修士号を取得しています。また、教員免許を持ち、アメリカ・テキサス州の公立小学校で9年間教えた経験もあります。 ブラウン先生は、甲府の山梨英和大学で非常勤として18年間教えてきています。

Sari C.jpeg

Sari Ito has a BS in Early Childhood to 6th grade from the University of Texas. She passed the Texas teacher's license test and the Japanese kindergarten license. She teaches our kindergarten and does a great job! She is Japanese, and she is bilingual. She teaches everything in English.  

​伊藤 沙梨先生は、教職学士号を取得。幼児期から小学6年の教員免許をアメリカ、テキサス州で取得。完璧なバイリンガルなので、英語ですべて教えます。アメリカテキサス大学の学士号をもち、現在幼稚園生を教えています。

Claudia C.jpeg

Claudia Stadius teaches 2nd grade.  She has a BS  in education and an elementary teacher's license.  She is an American with many years of teaching in Japan.  She pours herself into her teaching, and the students learn much from her.  She also watches the after-school time with the children.  


Aiko Veale is the assistant administrator of NLIS.  She is an experienced and licensed bookkeeper and caligraphy teacher.  She can answer any questions in Japanese and English.



Khristine Ilagan teaches 1st grade. She has a BA in Elementary Education, an elementary teacher's certificate, a 120-hour TEFL (Teaching English) certification, and three years of teaching in an international Christian school in the Philippines. She is working toward a Master of Arts in Education English language teaching. She has also trained in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program. 

Khristine Ilagan先生は2023年度新学期より1学年を受け持ちます。初等科教育の学士号をもち、小学校の教職員免許を持ち、120時間TEFL   (英語教育)資格、フィリピンのインターナショナルスクールで3年間教員として教えています。英語言語教育の修士号取得に向けて日夜励んでいます。アイラガン先生は、International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programにて訓練を受けました。先生の生徒は彼女を慕い、たくさんのことを学ぶことでしょう!

Sue Head.jpeg

Sue Yi teaches the 3rd and 4th grades. She has a Master's degree in education, a BA in Elementary Education, a teacher's certificate, a 120-hour TEFL (Teaching English) certificate, a gifted and talented certificate, and 15 years of teaching in a public school in Chicago, Illinois. She also taught in Thailand for over two years. She loves teaching, and students love her! We are very blessed to have her at NLIS.



Christian C.jpeg

Christian Brown teaches the 5th and 6th-grade classes. He has a BA in Communications from Dallas Baptist University and has many years of teaching in Japan. He is an American but was born and raised in Japan. He is a gifted teacher, and the students love his humor. He is very talented musically and teaches the ukulele to the classes.  


Jonathan C.jpeg

Jonathan Rasson is an American from Colorado.  He teaches language arts and math to grades 7 and 8, social studies to grades 7 through 11, and the electives PE, psychology, and computer to grades 7 through 11.  He has a BS in Asian History and a Master's degree from Waseda University in international communication. For more information about Mr. Rasson, and a look at the subjects he teaches in junior high and high school, please look at his site:



Andrea Boko teaches junior high and high school. She has a bachelor of secondary education with a major in English,  a secondary teacher's certificate, a 120-hour TEFL (Teaching English) certificate, and three years of teaching experience. She teaches English literature, writing, earth science, math, home economics, photography, and art. She hopes to start a class blog with the students. She is a young, vivacious teacher with lots of energy. We are truly blessed to have her join us!

アンドレア ボコ先生は 2023 年新学期から中学と高校で教えることになります。先生は中等教育の学士号を取得しており、英語を専攻し、中等教育の教師の資格、120 時間の TEFL(英語教育)の資格を持ち、3 年間の教育経験があります。先生は英文学と作文、地球科学、家庭科、写真、芸術を教えます。先生は生徒と一緒にクラスのブログを始めたいと考えています。先生は若くて快活でエネルギッシュです。ボコ先が私たちに加わってくれたことを本当に嬉しく思います!

Tomoko HS.jpg

Mrs. Tomoko Furuya is a highly qualified and experienced Japanese teacher with a master's degree.  She teaches Japanese to the 3rd and  4th grade class.  She is a blessing to NLIS!


Reiko C.jpeg

Reiko Maruyama has a Japanese for foreigners license, a kindergarten license, and an education degree.  She teaches Japanese to grades 1, 5, and 6.  She also teaches two after-school classes, one for Japanese as a Second Language and the other for more practice for our Japanese speakers.  She is a fantastic teacher, and the students love her!


Naoyuki hs.jpg

Mr. Naoyuki Furuya is a highly qualified and trained language teacher.  He teaches the 7/8 class. We are thankful for him! 



Sumiko Matsuzaki teaches Japanese to grades 9, 11, and 2nd grade.  She is a graduate of Yamanashi Eiwa University and is gifted in languages.  She speaks four!  She was an assistant teacher at Eiwa.  She is a great addition to New Life International School.

Yukiros C.jpeg

Yukiros Shinohara is an assistant teacher. She helps with recess duty, in classrooms, with office work, and teaches the Japanese class for non-native learners.  She is a Japanese-Filipino who was raised in Japan. Her language ability is a great help to the parents and teachers, but her kindness is why the children love her. She is a wonderful asset to NLIS.  



Kiyoyasu Kawaguchi teaches Eiken classes and ESL classes after school.  Mr. Kawaguchi is a highly qualified and experienced teacher with over 30 years of college teaching. 



Stephen Veale is the chaplain.  He teaches the children stories from the Bible every Friday.  He is an experienced teacher from New Zealand.  The students absolutely love "Chapel Guy."  


Danny Brown.jpg

Dr. Danny Brown is our consultant for NLIS and pastor of New Life International Church. Dr. Brown is a full-time English teacher at Yamanashi Eiwa College. He has a B.A. in Religious Studies, an M.A. in Teaching E.S.L., and a Ph.D. in Foreign Language Education.


求人情報です: ニューライフ・インターナショナル・スクールでは、パートタイムのブックキーパーを募集しています。 日本の簿記の免許を持っていることが条件です。英語は必須ではありませんが、役に立つと思います。簿記はNPOの報告書、消費税と従業員の税金、毎月の給料、毎月の授業料と手数料のチェック、学校の請求書の支払いなどを行います。曜日と時間は月曜日から金曜日の間で、時間は8:40から16:30の間で、週3日、最大週18時間までフレキシブルに対応します。 給与は、最初の1ヶ月は週4日のトレーニングで時給¥1,000です。1ヶ月以降は、時給¥1,200となります。 055-287-9577

(translated by DeepL)

Job Post: New Life International School needs a part-time bookkeeper. They must have a Japanese bookkeeping license. English is NOT required, but helpful. The bookkeeper will do an NPO report and annual consumer and employee taxes, do monthly salaries, check monthly tuition and fees received, and pay the school bills. The days and hours are flexible between Monday and Friday, and the hours are flexible between 8:40 to 4:30, three days a week, up to 18 hours a week. Pay is ¥1,000 an hour for the first month of training, 4 days a week. After 1 month, the pay is ¥1,200 an hour. Contact the school at 055-287-9577.

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