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Art Contest


It's quiet in the elementary classes! Nineteen children have gone, or will go this week to Joy Bible Camp in Okutama, Tokyo. They are going to have a blast and come back very tired. :)

There is a postcard art contest that I hope many of our students will enter. The information is below. The children can give it to their classroom teacher when they complete it, and the school will mail them all together. The prizes are pretty amazing, and we believe our students are creative and talented so I hope they will try it.

Postcard size (100x148mm) Illustration and Design Contest


Elementary:  1st through 6th

Theme:  “I won’t forget the “thank you: on that day.”  When I’m happy, when I was having a hard time, when I was sad, I was energized by the word “thank you,” and when I said “thank you, ” I became energized myself!  The word “thank you” is like medicine.  You and I won’t forget, you and I can’t forget such a wonderful thank you on that day. 


Due:  September 17, 2024 


Have you ever been energized by the word, “Thank you” when you are happy, having a hard time, or when you were sad?  Saying “thank you” almost has a mysterious power.  You won’t forget.  You might have wanted to say thank you to someone when they helped you, but you couldn’t.  Now is your chance!   The words or care you received that happy, fun, sad, or terrible day, was healing, right?  So, draw a picture to illustrate the feeling that someone helped you and you won’t forget.  Thank you!


The rules:

1.  Size 100 x 148 mm only (postcard size) (I does not have to be a postcard.)


2.  Paint, colored pencils, crayons, etc. are allowed.


3. It must be original art. 


4. No one may help you.  It has to be only your art.


5. Only one submission per child. 


The winners will be announced in December 2024 on the radio, and other places.


Winners will receive:


1st Special art experience

2nd  Excellence Award Radio program experience at FM Osaka Studio

5 people win: ¥10,000 gift book card

5 people honorable mention:  ¥5,000 gift book card

5 schools will receive a 3D printer for Cooperation Award

Extra prize Original calendar, etc.


Please have your child bring it to school by September 17.  On the back of the art, please write the following:

1. Child’s name in furigana.

2. The gender of the child.

3. School name and grade

4. The name of the art.

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