New Life International School

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English, Christian Education
Kindergarten, from age 4, Elementary through Junior High, grade 9. 
 High School, grade 1 (10th Grade) will start
in April 2022
     Low student-to-teacher ratio (14 to 1) 
Close-knit family atmosphere
 One computer per student in grades 1 through 8.

MISSION: We equip students to be active, independent, expressive, and loving.

VISION: To provide quality Christian, English education in a safe, loving, family atmosphere.

  • Low student-to-teacher ratio (14 to 1) 

  • Close-knit family atmosphere

  • One computer per student

For inquiries, please call 090-6014-2663, or email in English or Japanese to
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The academic program at New Life International School places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development. Small class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and warm Christian educational environment while ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need. NLIS is working to obtain accreditation through WASC, Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This will help our students be able to enter universities around the world. 

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School Observations are Available for Prospective Students

Please call for a reservation.

Summer School will be held if at all possible. 

Please call to make a reservation since there is a limit and availability goes fast. 

Calendar Events for May & June

May 13 Thursday   School-wide assembly and performances (This will be taped and put on Facebook and Youtube for the parents.)  This is in lieu of our annual Open House usually held at this time.

May 7 & 21 Friday                         

Library Days

May 19 Wednesday                             

Field trip  Hokutoshi Oomurasaki Center.

June 4th Friday     
Earthquake training & evacuation; Class movies
June 14th Monday   
Parent/Teacher Day    Students are off
1st Report Card
June 30th Wednesday
30th W      Open Campus
Observation and presentation for prospective parents  (Please call and make a reservation.)

5/6 Grade Class


Science experiments

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
by 4th and 5th graders on ukuleles

New Life International School (NLIS) is sponsored by New Life International Church, a Protestant evangelical church located in the same building.  NLIS students do not need to attend church or be Christians to be enrolled in our school.  Please read the site "Christian Education" to understand more fully what we are and how we teach.  For more information about New Life International Church, visit our website:

To receive more information or to see the school personally, please call 055-287-9577 from 9:00 to 4:00 or call Suzy Brown at 090-6014-2663 anytime.  Email at

5-4-16 Asahi, Kofu-shi, Yamanashi-ken,

〒400-0025 Japan