New Life International School welcomes inquiries from all interested students.  Please feel free to contact the school office for an application pack. You are welcome to visit our campus on weekdays.  We would be happy to arrange class visits, meetings with teachers or students, and a tour of our school. 

Admissions Requirements and Procedures


Welcome to New Life International School! Our mission is to provide quality Christian, English education in a safe, loving, family atmosphere. Our vision is to equip children to become active, independent, expressive, and loving. To enroll in New Life International School (NLIS) a student must meet the following student entrance qualifications and complete the application process.

To enroll at New Life International School, a parent must fill out an application form and make a reservation for the entrance interview and test.  Call at 055-287-9577, or contact the school through the Contact Form on this website.


Student Entrance Qualifications


1. Age Requirement:

Students are placed in grade levels primarily by age. The cut-off date determining grade placement is April 1st for all grades one and above.


The minimum age for the kindergarten classes is four years old.  K1 and K2 (ages 4 and 5) are taught together in a multi-age classroom but have different learning objectives according to their ages. As soon as a child becomes four, he or she may enter our school.  For example, if a child turns four in September, he or she may enter in September. Students must have toilet skills before enrollment.


2. English Language Requirement:

Each student will be assessed to determine his or her language ability. Language assessment will include the following steps:

1. Interviewing the child and at least one parent to determine the child's language ability and experiences.

2. Testing the child directly to see if the child can comprehend spoken English, answer simple English questions, and respond to simple commands.


Students who enter kindergarten and grade 1 are not required to have any English skills. A small percentage of grade 2 students may enter with no English skills. Students grades 3 and above must be able to speak English. 


All students who are not on grade level in English must take extra ESL classes after school. 


3. Basic Skills Requirement:

At the time of English language testing, students will also be given an academic test to determine the child's grade level ability in reading and math.  

The interview and tests take about 30 to 45 minutes.  Most of the students enjoy the interview and some have even said they want to do it again.    


4. Grade Level Requirement:

A student entering kindergarten or grade 1 has no pre-school attendance requirements. However, students should be able to read and say the A, B, C’s before entering grade 1.


A student entering grades 2-6 must have attended and passed the previous grade level to be entered into the next grade of our school. That is, a student must have already attended and passed grade 1 in elementary school in order to be admitted into grade 2. 


NLIS must receive the permanent records, including grades and test scores, from all previous schools.

Transferring Japanese school students: Students who have been educated in a Japanese elementary school and have English skills are able to transfer into our school, but every child’s personal situation will be assessed of whether the child can successfully function in our school. 

Transferring homeschoolers: Students who have been homeschooled are respected and welcomed to NLIS. However, we request that as much as possible attendance and grades be provided by the parents, and parents will be asked to discuss the type of curriculum used in homeschool.


5. School Regulations, Policies, and Procedures Requirement:

At least one parent/guardian must read the NLIS School handbook on our website and agree to follow and support all NLIS regulations, policies, and procedures. Children must also agree to follow the school regulations. 

Parents are asked to sign and turn in several documents, including health records, permission to go to the public library, etc., upon acceptance.

We are excited about your child's future with our school. Our school will provide a rich learning experience and a safe environment where children can express themselves freely as they explore God's wonderful world!

Tuition and Fees     
All admissions fees are non-refundable.  All numbers are in yen.
Application Fee                  10,000   
The application fee is payable at the time of application upon entrance to kindergarten,  elementary, junior high, and high school.
Entrance Fees
The entrance fee is payable upon entering kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school.                                             
           Kindergarten  Ages 4 and 5        50,000    
           Elementary     Grades 1-6          160,000     
           Junior high     Grades 7-9            80,000    
           High school    Grades 10-12        90,000    To begin in 2022
Annual Fees
Annual fees are payable at the beginning of every school year.  All numbers are yen.
Building Fee                          35,000    
Accident Insurance Fee          1,450 
Tuition     Kindergarten         600,000   (50,000 a month)        540,000    (2nd child)     45,000 
               Elementary            720,000   (60,000 a month)        540,000    (2nd child)     45,000 
               Junior High            720,000                                      540,000    (2nd child)     45,000
               High                       720,000                                      540,000    (2nd child)     45,000
Total Costs per Year:  

1st-year total cost for Kindergarten:   696,450       2nd year Kindergarten:   636,450                1st child with early discount:              666,450   


 2nd Child:                                          636,450       2nd year 2nd child:          576,450

 2nd child with early discount:            606,450


1st-year total cost for 1st grade:        926,450       2nd year elementary:     756,450 

1st child with early discount:              896,450


2nd Child:                                           746,450       2nd year 2nd child:        576,450 

2nd child with early discount:             716,450


1st-year total cost for Junior High:     846,450     2nd year Junior High:      756,450                                                       2nd Child:        666,450        2nd year 2nd child:      576,450

1st-year total cost for High School:    856,450        2nd year High School: 756,450

                                    2nd Child:       676,450        2nd year 2nd child:     576,450


Tuition Reduction for 2nd & 3rd child: 

Families with more than one child attending NLIS at the same time will receive a 25% tuition reduction for the 2nd child and 3rd child.  As a result, the 1st child pays ¥60,000 per month, but the 2nd and 3rd child pays only ¥45,000 per month.   This price reduction applies only to tuition, not to entrance fees or other fees.


Before and after school care is available from 8:00-9:00 am and 3:00-5:00 pm. 


Uniform Requirements

In order to keep the competition of what we wear at school down and to help us feel unified, we ask the students to wear only black, navy, white, beige, or gray tops and bottoms.  No blue jeans, please.  The uniform should be followed Monday through Thursday of every week.


All tops and bottoms must be a solid color.  Shirts may be either button up or polo style.  No t-shirts except during physical education classes and on Fridays.  Girls may wear dresses, skirts, and pants, but all must be in the school colors, and skirts and shorts must not be too short.  Underwear cannot show.  Dark leggings are allowed. 


Junior high and high school students may also wear red tops. 


Every child must wear the school badge to school to help the community identify the child as part of our school.  It should be pinned onto the shirt above the front left pocket, or in that position if there is no pocket.  Children will receive one school badge free of charge.  If parents want more badges they may purchase a badge for 200 yen. 

Students are free to wear any kind of shoes, boots, sandals, etc., as long as they are safe and useful for school.  Students are also asked to bring one pair of indoor shoes to be kept at school for use in case of rainy weather.   


Fridays are "free days".  Students may wear any color clothes they desire as long as they are respectable. 


All children from Grade 5 must wear separate clothes for physical education classes.  These should also be in the school colors.  Blue jeans are acceptable for physical education.  A time and a place will be given for the students to change.  Students should take home their P.E. clothes every week to wash.  NOTE:  We are not having children change into uniforms for P.E. classes at this time due to Corona 19.


Please look at our "School Handbook" page for more information on our school rules.


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