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Our Teachers

NLIS Teachers

Engaging Education: Create an environment of excitement and curiosity, where learning becomes an adventure. With innovative teaching techniques and a supportive curriculum, you'll have the freedom to inspire students and ignite their love for knowledge.

Job Post

Full-time primary teacher to begin in April 2024.


  • At least a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from an English-speaking country  

  • A teacher’s license from an English-speaking country   

  • Teaching experience (preferred) 

  • Regularly attending church and living a Christian life 

  • Love for children and passion for teaching


  • Teach all subjects, including Bible class, to a sweet class of 3rd graders.

  • Work with the teachers in helping the school continue to work with WASC accreditation, including writing reports and participating in professional development.   

NLIS Teacher benefits:   

  • Salary starts at ¥3,108,000 a year, plus bonuses.  

  • The school pays half of the national health insurance and pension. 

  • Paid annual health checkup. 

  • Great hours, 8:30 to 4:00, Monday to Friday 

  • Great vacations 

  • A sense of purpose

How to apply: 

  • Send a resume (CVC) with a letter to Suzy Brown at

  • Or call 055-287-9577 to make an appointment to observe the classes and speak with the teachers and the principal.

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