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American and internationally recognized texts used in all grades

Language and Literacy

Kindergarten through Grade 2 learns to read and write through a wide variety of reading texts, writing assignments, handwriting exercises, and a daily phonic focus.

Grades 3-6 apply what they read and use strategies to comprehend, analyze, and synthesize the material read. Reading includes novels and short stories.  They will write essays to inform, to entertain, to describe, and to persuade. 


Junior high students develop writing and thinking skills with a focus on vocabulary and build strong grammar knowledge.  Students study important editing and revision techniques through writing.  Literary terms are taught appropriate to the study of the short story, novel, and poetry.  Through reading literature from various genres, students are stretched in their comprehension and analysis of literature. Special focuses are on the short stories of O'Henry and other authors, at least one novel study, and a nonfiction study every year.

Art, Music, and Drama

Art is taught in every grade once a week.


Music is taught several times a week from kindergarten through grade 6. 


Handbells are taught in grades 3 & 4. The ukulele is taught to grades 5 and 6.  Students learn to read music and how to play on rhythm.  


Junior High students focus on visual arts. They learn about color, pattern, repetition, line, shape, emphasis, balance, value, rhythm, variety, unity, texture, and form through a variety of projects using graphite, acrylic paint, oil pastels, and wood and Paper Mache sculptures.

Junior high students lead a biannual school assembly.

Dramas are done annually with all grades.

Accreditation and Associations

We have applied for accreditation through Western Colleges and Schools (WASC).  We hope to have our initial visit by the accreditation committee in the fall of 2021.  


We are affiliated with the Christian Academy of Japan in Tokyo.


Classes walk to the prefectural library on the north side of Kofu station every other Friday.  Students check out two English books and one Japanese book.    


Kindergarten through grades 6 study Bible stories and Bible verses and how to apply the lessons of forgiveness, love, honoring our parents, and perseverance to our lives.

Junior high students read the Bible and have discussions on what they learn. 

A chapel time is on Fridays for all grades. The students memorize Bible verses, sing songs, and play games during this time.

Grades 3 through 8 may choose to go to a Bible camp every June in Okutama. Joy Bible Camp has students from international students all over Japan join for one week of English camp.  The students study the Bible, play games, swim, go hiking, do arts and crafts, and have a lot of fun contests.  Our students come back very tired and very happy. 


Grades 9 and up can go to the English Bible camp, HiBA, in Chiba.  This is on the coast where the students stay in cabins, body surf in the ocean, go hiking, study the Bible, and have a lot of fun.   

    Physical Education

          and Recess

Kindergarten has 2 recesses daily.


From grade one and up, physical education is taught 2 times a week. Students play  sports and exercise.  

All students have a short daily recess at the local park, in our front parking lot, or in our small gym. ​


Grades 1 and up use computers almost daily to look up information, do research, play learning games, take tests, and listen and read online books. 

Keyboarding is taught from grade 3 twice a week.  


We have one computer for every student through junior high. 


High school students must buy their own computer so papers and coursework can be saved easily.

Junior high and high school students do Google drive lessons, create accounts, manage documents, make spreadsheets, presentations, and surveys.

All students from grades 1 through 8 take a standardized test once a month online.

9th graders will take a practice preSAT test online.


Kindergarten through grade 8 uses Singapore Math. It is one of the top-tested math texts available and emphasizes problem-solving and mental math.

Junior high students study pre-algebra and geometry with Singapore Math.

9th-grade students take Algebra 1.


Kindergarten through grade 3 study science hands-on with STEM projects, research, and experiments.


Grades 4-6 study science through STEM projects, research, and experiments and they use American textbooks with unit tests and reports.

Grades 3 - 6 present an experiment or a project in our annual science fair every February.

Junior high students study the earth, life, and physical science using PowerPoint presentations, and labs. 


Junior high students present a group science project for the science fair in February.

Japanese Language

Native Japanese, experienced teachers teach 4 times a week, 45 minutes each day.  All grades from grade 1 through high school use the Japanese national textbook (Kokugo textbook) and several kanji workbooks.  

Special Activities

Throughout the Year

School is made fun and memorable with our special activities throughout the year! 


We have 3 class parties, 2 field trips, several special theme days, and visiting speakers every year. 


We have an art fair for all grades in July and a science fair for grades 3 and up in February. We also have dramas, concerts, and speeches yearly.  

   Social Studies and History

American textbooks, hands-on projects, research, and presentations with a special focus on Japanese history and culture in all grades.

Junior high students study the Asian government, history, and geography with a focus on the Eastern Hemisphere.

High school students will study World History and US History.

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