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Calendar 2023-2024

 April 2023
3rd M             Teacher's Meeting
4th T               WASC Training
5-7 W-F          Start school year; half days  9:00-12:00
7th F               Assembly  
14 & 28 F       Library
14th F             Parent's English Bible study
21   F              P.S.E.
27 Th              Open House for parents
21-28              Principal's Thailand WASC Visitation
May 2023
1-5 M-F          OFF  Golden Week
8 M                Assembly
8 - 12             Christianity Week with special speakers. Parents are welcome!
12 & 25*        Library
19 F               English Parent's Bible Study
22 M              OFF   WASC Workshop
29 M             Field trip to Kawaguchiko Monkey Showman Theater
June 2023
Every Tuesday, Math Competition!  8:45-9:00, 2nd-floor auditorium
1st - 30th        Food Bank!
2nd Fri.           Assembly
2nd & 16th F  Parent's English Bible study
8th TH            Heather Hope Travel Storyteller!  2:20 in the auditorium
9th F               6th Grade Field trip (5th & 6th graders this year)
9th & 23rd F   Library
12th M           Classes off/Teacher's  workday     
16th F             Earthquake Evacuation Drill
19th M            Open Campus presentation and observation in classes available for prospective parents.  Please call to make a reservation.
20th-23rd       Personal Safety Week
23rd F             Last day to turn in art!
26th-30th        ART FAIR
30th F             Assembly
Every Tuesday, Math Competition!  8:45-9:00, 2nd-floor auditorium
7th F               Report Card 
                       Beach Day Fun
                       English Parent's Bible study
7th & (20th)    Library
11th-15th        easyCBM test  
14th F             Students are OFF     Teacher/Parent Meetings
14th F             Fire evacuation training  
17th M            OFF (Sea Day)
20th  TH         Half Day  School Party    (outdoor water fun!)   
July 24th-28th   Summer School! 
Call ahead to make a  reservation.  Space is limited. Theme:  Camping!  
July 21st-Sept. 1   OFF  Summer Holiday
4th M             Welcome back!
8th F              Assembly
8th & 22nd     English Parent's Bible study
15th F            Camp Literacy Day
8 & 22 F         Library
18th M           OFF
19th T            Parent Observation Day
29th               Fire Drill
3rd                   Report Cards (7-12)
5th TH              World Teacher Appreciation Day!
6th F                Assembly
6 & 20              English Parent's Bible Study
9th M                OFF
16th M             100 days of school! 
23rd M             Open Campus  Observe the classes, tour the school, and watch a Powerpoint presentation in Japanese at 10:30 and English at 11:30.  Call for a reservation. 
27th F               Field Trip to Midorigaoka   Gym and Park
3rd F                 Off
6th M                Assembly
6th-10th            Standardized Testing
10&22               Library
10th F               Movie Day
17th F               Report Card 
20th M              OFF Yamanashi Day
23rd Th             OFF Labor Day
24th F               Classes are off; Student-led Parent Meetings
27th M               First day of Food Bank Drive!
1st F               School Assembly             
1 & 15            Library
20th W           Christmas Program  2:00-3:00     All parents and grandparents are invited!
21st TH          Class parties    Half-day 9:00-12:00
Dec. 22-Jan. 8 OFF for Holidays
January 2024
9th T             Welcome back 
12th & 26F   Library
22-25           easyCBM test final week
19th F          Teacher Appreciation Day!
31st F          Student & Parent surveys
February  2024
1st W            Student Council Voting
2nd TH         JHS & HS select electives
3rd F             Schoolwide Assembly 9:10
7th T             PSE Parent Meeting 2:00-     3:00  (PSE-Parent's Supporting Education)
9th & 23rd F    Library
12th M          National Holiday
14th              Valentine Parties
16th F           Science Fair  Parents are welcome! 
19-21            EFL testing
                     Schoolwide writing tests
23rd TH        Off
23rd F           K-2nd Field trip to Police Headquarters and the castle for lunch
March 2024
1st                PSE General Meeting 
                     Lockdown Drill
4th               Clean Day!
                     Graduation practice
5th                Return books to the Library
                     School-wide party! 
                     Graduation practice  
6th                Graduation Ceremony10:45 AM to 12:00 for Kindergarten, 6th grade, &  9th grade
                 School is dismissed at 12:00
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