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New Life International Church

Our School

New Life International School welcomes inquiries from all interested students. Students are accepted throughout the year. Please get in touch with the school office to arrange a class visit and a tour of our school. Students are welcome to come for a free day visit.


New Life International School celebrates cultural diversity, representing over a dozen nationalities. Respect for universal human rights is valued, and NLIS does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, nationality, or ethnic origin.  Learning to respect other cultures is one of the school's learning goals as the world continues to grow globally connected. 

NLIS provides the following for all grades, one through high school:
  • Qualified, trained, and experienced teachers.

  • Education that meets the digital age standards with a computer for every child in every classroom from grades three through eight.

  • Reading, writing, math, science, social studies, music, art, and Bible in English daily, helping many NLIS students pass the Eiken English Tests 3, 2, and 1.

  • Japanese teachers teach Japanese literacy classes four days a week in grades 1 through 12; students learn grade-level kanji and read from the National Japanese textbooks.

  • A bilingual teacher teaches a Japanese course for non-Japanese speakers from grades 4 through 12. Students study to pass the international Japanese Proficiency Language Tests, N5 through N2.

  • A low student-teacher ratio provides more individualized learning.  

  • Global and forward-thinking, with opportunities to explore other cultures and share individual traditions internationally.

  • Candidacy status with WASC for grades 1 through 9, and working hard to have full accreditation for 1-12 by 2025.


Mission & Vision

loving students

Mission: Active, independent, expressive, and loving students! 

Vision: Quality English Christian education in a 
safe, loving, family atmosphere.

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