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Secondary School Schedule for 2022-2023

(This was given to the students earlier.)

Congratulations on entering or continuing in the secondary program at New Life International School! See the following Daily Schedule for Grades 7-10:

8:50-9:50 M-F Math

Grade 7 Math in Focus Course 2 (Singapore) Mr. Rasson

Grade 8 Math in Focus Course 3 (Singapore) Mr. Rasson

Grade 9 SevenStar Online Academy Algebra 1

Grade 10 SevenStar Online Academy choose Geometry, Algebra 2, or Consumer Math

9:55-10:40 Japanese

Grade 7 Mrs. Murayama

Grade 8 Mr. and Mrs. Furuya

Grade 9/10 Mr. Ikeda

10:45-11:05 Bible Mr. Rasson and Ms. Minshull

Grades 7-10 join together in Mr. Rasson’s classroom

11:10-12:30 Language Arts

Grades 7/8 Mr. Rasson

Students will study short stories, current events from newspapers, do grammar interactive notebooks, and read the following *novels: The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien, and The Cay by Theodore Taylor.

*All books are provided by NLIS.

Grades 9/10 Ms. Minshull

British Literature: Students will study British poets Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Keats, Tennyson, Browning, Arnold, Hopkins, Hardy, Eliot, Owen, and Graves, and read the following *novels provided by NLIS: Frankenstein by Mary Wollencroft Shelley, Emma by Jane Austen, A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, The Time Machine by H.G. Wells, and Animal Farm by George Orwell Poetry

*All books are provided by NLIS.

12:30-1:30 M-F Lunch and recreation 7-10 together

Students in grades 9-10 may leave the campus on Mondays and Fridays during this time.

1:30-2:25 M-TH Social Studies Mr. Rasson

(Taught 2 times a week or 1 to 2 weeks at a time depending on the unit)

Grades 7/8 Modern Asian Government, Asian religions, World geography, Medieval Japanese unit

Grades 9/10 World History

1:30-2:25 M-TH Science Ms. Minshull

(Taught 2 times a week or 1 to 2 weeks at a time depending on the unit)

Grades 7/8 Earth Science and labs with Kesler Science

Grades 9/10 Biology and labs

2:30-3:20 Electives MW/F TTH/F (See page 2)

3:20-3:30 M-F Clean and dismiss

Friday Schedule is different than the other days of the week. The schedule is as follows:

8:50-11:25 Language Arts, Library every other week, standardized testing days

11:30-12:20 Elective

12:20-1:20 Lunch and recreation

1:20-2:15 Math

2:20-2:40 Chapel

2:40-3:20 Study hall (catch up)

3:20-3:30 Clean and dismiss


Each semester, students must choose two electives. Students choose between Computer and Music on Tues./Thurs.(Fri), and between PE and Music on Mon./Wed. (Fri). All electives alternate every other week on Fridays. They meet 2 days one week and three days the next.

All classes are not dependent on the first semester.

2:30-3:20 Computer 1 or 2 TTH/F Mr. Rasson (1st and 2nd semester)

Improve keyboard skills, learn to create Power point presentations, learn to use Google Drive, Excel, and learn to create with coding.

2:30-3:20 Art 1 or 2 MW/F Ms. Minshull (1st and 2nd semester)

Introduction to Art for High School: basics of art design including contour line, shading, perspective, color theory, mixed media, and 3d art Mediums include paint, sketch, clay, cross-stitch, and more.

2:30-3:20 P.E. 1 or 2 MW/F Mr. Rasson (1st and 2nd semester)

Stay healthy and fit and have fun with exercise, fitness tests, 4 square, basketball, soccer, kickball, and volleyball.

2:30-3:20 Pop Choir TTH/F Ms. Minshull (1st semester)

Learn the basic techniques to improve your voice and have fun learning how to sing both solo and in a group! Learn about control, pitch, rhythm and more, whilst learning how to sing a range of pop songs.

2:30-3:20 Keyboard Band TTH/F Ms. Minshull (2nd semester)

Learn the chords for your favorite songs and play along with others! Learn how to read and understand music and improve your rhythm, sight reading, dynamics, and understanding of chords/music notation.

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