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I. School Description

Provide a brief, general description of the school: the mission, vision, and school-wide learner outcomes. Include student and faculty/staff demographics and student achievement data for a three-year span.

II. Significant School Changes

Please note any significant changes at your school since the candidate visit and describe if these have had any impact on the school and/or specific curricular programs.

III. Ongoing School Improvement

Describe the process for engagement of all stakeholders in review of student achievement data and monitoring of the school-wide action plan.

IV. Progress on Implementation of the School-wide Action Plan

Provide a summary of progress on the accomplishment of the school-wide action plan referencing how the critical areas for follow-up have been addressed through the school-wide action plan.

Comment on how supporting evidence was analyzed to explain progress on the school-wide action plan sections or goals, noting impact on student achievement.

NOTE: If any initial visit critical areas for follow-up were not included in the school’s action plan, indicate what actions have been taken to address these issues and provide supporting evidence, including the impact on student achievement.

V. School-wide Action Plan Refinements

Comment on any refinements made to the school-wide action plan since the initial visit that reflect school-wide progress and/or newly identified issues. Include a copy of the school-wide action plan.

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