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Afterschool Eiken & ESL classes & other

Dear Parents,


As you know, we lost our dear ESL and Eiken teacher, Mr. Kawaguchi last week. I can’t say enough about how sad we are to lose him.  He was a dear friend and an excellent teacher. NLIS was blessed to have him teach after-school ESL and Eiken classes for seven years.

Many students passed the Eiken tests with his help.


Rhonda Culver Tezuka will begin teaching Eiken and ESL to our students in September.   Mrs. Tezuka is a good friend of mine, and she has been our on-call nurse since NLIS started.  She has lived in Japan for 37 years and is a nurse by trade. She has been an ESL teacher for 35 years, teaching ages 2 to adult.  She has been an Eiken interviewer for over 20 years and a speech judge throughout the Tokyo metropolitan schools.  She is good with helping children with Eiken and will help them pass many levels. She can speak Japanese.


Other reminders for July:


July 5 F          Beach Day!  Everyone should wear beach attire.

July 9 T          Teacher's meeting 3:30-5:00.  There is afterschool care. Two high school                           girls will watch the afterschool class.  They are eager to make a little                                     money.  :) The teachers will be across the hall, so we can help if needed.

July 11 TH     Please join us for the Parent English Bible study from 2:00 to 4:00 in the                         principal's office. It's an excellent opportunity for parents to connect and feel                part of our school community! 

July 12 F        Parent-Teacher Meetings.  Please come on time as the schedules are tight.                         There are no classes on this day since teachers will meet with parents all day. 

July 15 M       Sea Day!  No classes.

July 18 TH     This is a half-day; school is dismissed at noon. We will play water and relay                      games with the students. Students may need extra clothes. This is the last day before the summer holiday.  There is a teacher's meeting at 12:30.


July 29-Aug. 2 M-F is the NLIS Summer School from 9:00 to 3:15 daily.  The teachers are preparing a lot of fun learning activities.  If you know of any families who would like a week of English for their children, please tell them we still have some openings. The cost is ¥30,000, and ¥27,000 for the 2nd child for the week. NLIS students are welcome, too, at a discount,¥25,000 for the 1st child and ¥20,000 for the 2nd child. 


We will see you on Monday, September 2.  We hope you have a wonderful summer.




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