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Art Contest


New Life International School’s annual art and science fairs reveal that NLIS students are amazing artists and scientists. The following is a wonderful opportunity to blend these two talents in a national contest!

The 46th Exhibition Children’s Art for the Science of Tomorrow has invited NLIS students to participate in the 46th Exhibition Children’s Art for the Science of Tomorrow. There is an “International and Foreign School Section” for our students in grades 1 through 9.

  • The grand prize winner will receive a commemorative (probably a plaque) award for the school.

  • All award winners will receive an award certificate and prizes.

  • All entrants (even if they do not win) will receive a participation award. Everyone gets something in return for their effort!

  • The Prize winner’s artwork will be put in newspapers around Japan, on TV, in magazines, etc.

  • There will be an award ceremony in Tokyo in March 2024 to which the winners are invited, and their art will be exhibited for all to see!

Due by November 6, the school will mail the art on that day. It is not accepted past November 6. The entries must have the school application form with the entries to be accepted, and we will fill it out and pay for shipping. Please do not roll up the artwork or the explanation and title. The art must be B3 size (36.4 cm x 51.5 cm) or Yotsukiri size (38 cm x 54 cm). It must not be on thick paper; only up to 3 mm will be accepted.

Please see the pictures below for a full explanation of the requirements and the entry restrictions. There are also some examples of the topic and artwork. The required title and explanation can be in English or Japanese.

We sincerely hope that many of our students will enter this contest. It’s a wonderful opportunity and a good thing to focus on during the summer break!

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