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August & September Newsletter

I've heard many of you will be traveling in August. I hope every family has a safe journey! I'll be visiting the US in August. It's been four years since I've seen my family. I'm excited!

WASC Accreditation

Western Association of Colleges and Schools, WASC, is visiting our school in 2024-25. We'll let you know when we hear the exact date since the coordinators will want to talk to some parents and students. Three committee visitors will inspect our school for one week. I asked the WASC coordinator what I could say about our accreditation status to the parents. She wrote me to tell the parents that "you (NLIS) have been working hard and will continue to work hard in anticipation of a positive outcome." That was encouraging. I'm pleased that WASC understands that we have been working hard and will continue to work hard to obtain full accreditation by next year.

Summer homework

The school doors will be open on Monday, September 4th. Please ensure your children bring their summer homework on Monday, September 4th.

I hope students grade 3 and up are working on their science fair project. It's time to start collecting material for their project and researching the information.

I also hope many students from grades 1 through 9 are working on the art project for the "Science of Tomorrow." Below is an application form that the students will need for the contest. We also have copies in the school's front entrance in a basket.

New Website Design!

I've been working with a professional web designer for a new look on our school website for months. I hope to have it finished within a few months. Please let me know what you think.

New Students

We have two new students coming to our secondary school, a girl in 8th grade from India and another in 9th grade from Sri Lanka. The families are moving here. We also have two more students coming sometime this fall from Hungary, one 1st-grade girl and one 4th-grade boy.

September Events

September is going to be another great month of learning and fun. Below are the activities scheduled for September.

4th M Welcome back!

8th & 22nd F Library, Parent Bible Study

15th F Assembly

Camp Day! Camp Day is a great day of activities with the theme of camping. Students will read in tents with flashlights, sing camp songs, eat s'mores, and do special learning activities with the theme "camping," i.e., mapping campgrounds, special vocabulary work, etc. The students play vocabulary and other learning games, win small prizes, and have a lot of fun learning on this day!

18th M Respect for the Aged Day – school is off

19th T Parent Observation Day! Parents are invited to come to their children's classrooms to observe lessons. More details about the times will come soon.

22nd F Movie Day for grades 7-11 (teachers are preparing for report cards)

29th F Fire Safety Drill

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