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Camp Literacy Day and More!

September 1, 2022

Dear Parents,

I hope you are enjoying a restful summer. School started today and it is wonderful to see everyone back! We welcome two new students, one girl in 1st grade, Hsin Yuan Peng and one girl in 8th grade, Shiori Watanabe. Please help them and their parents feel welcome to our school.

The teachers at NLIS have prepared for a great fall full of activities to help make our students' learning more motivating and fun. On September 16, we are having our annual Camp Day. This is a day where we do a variety of hands-on learning activities with a camp theme. The teachers will put “fireflies” (white lights) on the gym walls, set up canopy tents in the gym, and have a wonderful time by turning off the lights and reading under the tent cover with flashlights. Every class will rotate the facilities and play learning games, sing camp songs, roast marshmallows, and eat s'mores. S'mores are a yummy cookie that when one eats some, he or she wants "some more". I hope that you can bring the checked ingredient for your child's class. The s'more letter is attached to this one. Thank you very much in advance.

Here are more special days in September and October. (Some dates have been changed.)

September 2 & 16 Library

16 Camp Day

19 Holiday: Respect for the Aged

23 Holiday: Fall Equinox

27 Parent Observation Day (a letter will follow soon)

30 Library, Class Movie Day

October 7 Violin Concert by Ms. Liu Wei* This date may change.

10 Holiday: Sports Day

11 Report Card; Student-led Parent Teacher Meetings Students will come with the parents for 10 to 20 minutes to meet with the teacher and lead the meeting. No classes today.

14 & 28 Library

17 100 Days of School

18 Picture Day! (more information on that later!)

24 Open Campus for Prospective Parents - this is for parents who are interested in sending their children to our school

28 Fall Class Parties (more information about that soon)

We are looking forward to a great fall with your child!

Please look for this paper from your child! Thank you!!

September 16 Camp Day Snack Time!

Could you volunteer to help buy one item for our s'mores? If so, please sign your name and have your child return this to school. Your child can bring the items anytime to school from tomorrow. Thank you!

1 bag of marshmallows (plain, regular size)



1 box of cookies - (Marie or any plain vanilla flavor cookie)

They are our "bread" for our chocolate and roasted marshmallow.



1 bar of milk chocolate, preferable the kind that breaks easily into small pieces for the cookie treat.



NOTE: If your child cannot eat any part of this snack, please tell the teacher and have your child bring a special snack so that he or she can enjoy this time with the class.

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