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Christmas Market!

NLIS is planning another Christmas Market this year! We ask parents and grandparents to donate gently used or handmade items to the school. Toys, games, electronic appliances, blankets, clothes, jewelry, and books are appreciated. All proceeds will go toward a new building for the secondary students. We have run out of classrooms and are in dire need of more.

We can start taking donations from November 27. The student council members will mark all the donated items. Could you put on each item how much it cost new? Then, the students will better know how much to price the object. Please put your donated goods in the spare room upstairs across from the junior high room.

The Christmas Market will be held all day on Monday and Tuesday, December 18th and 19th. Students will help with the money collection and change. There will also be a donation box at the Christmas Market. If any of you have been thinking about giving NLIS a donation, we will happily accept.

Thank you for all your support!


Suzy Brown

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