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High school electives

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the new school year! I am thrilled and blessed to have your child in my elective classes.

For this term, we will be having the following subjects and their topics for this week. Kindly ask your child the subjects he/she had signed up for or you can contact me and/or Mr. Rasson.

Art: Shading and Color Theory

Home Economics: Sewing and Knitting

I would like to ask for your cooperation to help your child bring the following material/s for their specified class. These materials can be bought at most 100 yen stores (e.g. DAISO, Seria, etc.). Some of these were also included in the supply list for this school year.



-HB/Graphite pencils

-a set of needles

-coloring pencils and/or crayons

-black and/or colored threads


-punch needle/embroidery cloth

-sketch pad

-a pair of knitting needles (size 10 or 15)

-knitting yarn (I prefer fuwa moko more or cake)

-yarn binding needle

Thank you so much and God bless!


Ms. Andrea Boko

NLIS High school teacher

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