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January 2024 Newsletter

Happy New Year! I pray that God will bless this new year for every family in New Life International School!  


The Christmas Market was successful. We made 30,000 yen. We will do it again every two years to give everyone time to collect items. The next one will be in December 2025. Thank you for the donations and participation!


SCHOOL TRIP: The high schoolers, 9th through 11th, will go to Tokyo for their school trip in late January or February. Both teachers, Mr. Rasson and Miss Boko, will accompany them. If any parent would like to join, please talk with either teacher. The students are planning and mapping the places they want to visit. They will stay overnight so they can have two days in Tokyo. The cost will be around 30,000 yen, which includes the following:

  • transportation to and from Kofu to Tokyo ¥5000 

  • transportation in Tokyo ¥3,000 

  • the hotel for one night ¥5,000

  • meals and snacks for two days and one night, ¥10,000

  • entrance fees for the museums, zoos, etc., ¥7,000


GRADUATION: Thirteen students will graduate from kindergarten, 6th grade, and 9th in March. We have asked parents to buy graduation robes for the past few years, but unfortunately, the price has gone up to almost 6000 yen for most gowns. Therefore, we will not wear robes but ask the students to wear nice clothes instead. 


CALENDAR:  Here is the calendar for January and highlights for the rest of the year. The 2023-24 school year will fly from today!


January 2024                                                                       

9 T                   Welcome Back! Tuesday will be a regular day with normal school hours.

12 & 26 F         Library; Parent’s English Bible Study (in the principal’s office at 2:00)

19 F                 Assembly 1:15

22-26               Standardized Testing Please make sure your children get good rest during this                   week of testing and have good breakfasts in the mornings so they can do their              best on the tests.

                        Parent Surveys  

                        We will put the surveys online this year.  Directions will follow soon.

23 T                 WASC Teacher’s Meeting 3:35-5:00  Please make arrangements for after                         school since every teacher must attend this meeting.  We are working hard to                       complete the Self-Report for WASC by November 2024. It is over 100 pages                                     and very detailed, so it takes time.

29-31               Student Forum by Student Council 



1st Th             Student Council Voting 

                       Students in grades 5 through 12 may join Student Council.  Being a student                        council  member is an excellent opportunity to learn leadership roles. 

2nd F             JHS & HS select electives The 2024-25 school year electives are Technology, Physical Education, Photography, Drama, Home Economics, and Introduction to Sculpture

9th  F                Library; Parent's English Bible Study

12th M             National Holiday OFF

14th                  Valentine Parties

16th F               Science Fair  Parents are welcome! 

                          Assembly - announce winners!

19-21                 EFL testing & Schoolwide writing tests

22 TH                 K-2nd Field trip to Bus Station and Park

                           Library Return Books

23rd F                National Holiday OFF



1st  F                 Lockdown Drill

                         Parent's English Bible Study  

4th  M               Clean Day!                         

Graduation practice          

5th  T                School-wide party!  Minute to Win it Relays!                         

Graduation practice  

                          WASC Teacher Meeting

6th  W              Graduation Ceremony 10:45 AM to 12:00 for Kindergarten, 6th & 9th grades

                        School is dismissed at 12:00. 


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