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July Newsletter

Updated: Jul 13

Dear Parents,


June was a good month. The field trip to Kachoen was a great learning adventure and fun. Nineteen students had a blast at Joy Bible Camp. Personal Safety classes met, and the students learned valuable life skills. The art fair is impressive. NLIS students are creative and talented! The math competition is going well. We have seven students who have won the Math race, and there are only three more spots before it's finished this year. The students are getting faster every year!


July and September will be hot months. The students will not play outside if it is 31 degrees or hotter.  This is according the Yamanashi Prefectural Board of Education's heat stroke guidelines for schools. Please take the following precautions to keep your child safe from heat exhaustion:

  • Send students in lightweight, loose-fitting, cotton clothing.

  • Make sure kids have a cap with a brim that protects the face.

  • Send the child with a water bottle.

  • Talk to your child about the dangers of getting overheated.

  • Exercising or active play can raise core body temperature by almost 1 degree every five minutes. Humidity slows or prevents the evaporation of sweat, which is one of the body's ways of removing heat. The sweating process becomes particularly problematic for children because "kids absorb more heat than adults while sweating less."  Therefore, encourage your child to take frequent water breaks and to get in the shade every 5 to ten minutes to cool off. 


July will go too fast with all the planned activities and learning.


Friday, the 5th, is Beach Day! Students are encouraged to wear beach clothes, flowery sundresses, shirts, shorts, hats, sunglasses, flip-flops, etc. Teachers are preparing many fun learning activities for a theme-focused day—working with everything related to the beach!

On July 5, parents in grades 1 through 5 will receive emails with the link to this year's first report card. Students and teachers have been working hard this year.


Tuesday, the 9th, is a crucial WASC teacher's meeting after school from 3:35 to 5:00.  Two student council members will provide after-school care.  Please pay them the same fee of 300 yen an hour. They will split the money between them.  All students who need to stay can meet in Miss Stadius' classroom.   The girls will help the students with their homework and play games. The teachers will be in the high school room near the 2nd grade. 


Thursday, the 11th, is the English Parent Bible Study because the 12th is Parent-Teacher Meeting Day, so there are no classes on Friday.  Please come if you can.  We start at 2:00 in the principal's office. 


Friday, the 12th, is for Parent-Teacher Meetings. There are no classes on this day. The teachers will send the schedule for you to visit your child's teacher. Please meet with your child's teacher and enjoy seeing their work. The students may come to the school with their parents.  The children can go to the gym during the meeting. The air conditioners will be on.


Monday, the 15th, is Sea Day!  No classes.


Thursday, July 18, is the last day before the summer holidays. The school will close at 12:00 on the 18th, so our students will not need lunch. They will need a snack. All classes will do relays, play with water balloons and water guns, eat ice pops, clean, and celebrate our last summer day together. Your child will need a change of clothes, as we will all get wet. It's an enjoyable day!


All students will receive summer homework. Please see your child's teacher if you have any questions about the homework.


Summer school is from July 29 through August 2, M- F, 9:00 to 3:15. There are still some spaces left.  NLIS students get a considerable discount; the first child is ¥25,000, and siblings are ¥20,000.  It's a fun time of Bible classes, music, math games, reading with fun learning activities, science experiments, crafts, two movies (spread out during the week), snacks every day, and fun outdoor play. Some of our high school students will play with them at recess as a part of their volunteer service. They will also assist the teachers during the day. Parents can order lunches through Bear's Café and Hanazen Obento, or students may bring any Obento lunch. 


July will go fast, and then it will be time for the summer holiday.  I hope everyone is planning on an enjoyable, relaxing vacation! The school will return on Monday, September 2, as a regular day. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Thank you for a great year so far!




Suzy Brown

Principal of New Life International School

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