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June Newsletter



We had a very nice Open House and Spiritual Emphasis Week this May. The weather has been strange, but there are many beautiful days, so I’m not complaining.  We have several great learning and fun activities planned for June, and it doesn’t matter if it is raining or not, we’ll still enjoy the month!


June 3-14  Food Bank donations begin.  All families are asked to bring canned, dry, and packaged foods during this time to help those who are in need.  This is a way we serve our community.  It’s an NLIS student learner outcome. Thank you for your generosity every year.

From June 4:  Baseball math anyone? 

All students are invited every Tuesday morning from 8:40 to 8:50 to take a math race!  They will meet in the cafeteria upstairs at 8:40 every Tuesday in June and July until we have 10 winners. Tables, papers, and stopwatches will be ready.  Students only need to bring two sharpened pencils.


·      Grades 4 through 12 must answer 144 facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) in 4 minutes with zero mistakes. 


·      Grade 3 must answer 108 facts (addition, subtraction, and multiplication) in 3 minutes with zero mistakes.


·      Grades 1 & 2 must answer 72 facts (addition and subtraction only) in 4 minutes with zero mistakes.  (These grades have double the time.)


The first ten students who reach the goal will be given a certificate and their name will be announced in student assembly, and published on the school website and on Facebook. 


June 4-6  T-TH Standardized testing!  Please have your child get to bed on time and have a good breakfast on these days.  It makes a difference on the children’s ability to focus.


June 7 F Earthquake Drill


June 10 M  No classes.  Teacher WASC Workday 

June 12 W  Field trip to Kachoen!  All students must come to school on time since we are walking to the Kofu station at 9:00.  Please return the permission slips with the bus fare and entrance fee money by May 31.  The cost is 3,000 yen for elementary children, and 3,600 yen for junior high and up.  Also, there is room on the buses for some parents.  Please let your child’s teacher know if you would like to come with us!  The cost would be 3,600 yen for the bus and the entrance fee.  If you’ve never been, you will love it!  It’s one of my favorite places to take people. 


June 14, 28 F   Library and English Bible study


June 17-21  Art Fair Projects are due! 


June 18-19 T-W Personal Safety Classes 

To help NLIS students live more safely in this world, the school has annual Personal Safety classes. Children from grade 3 will be separated by ages and gender for the personal safety training. We have found that the children feel more comfortable talking and asking questions this way. 


Grades 1-5 will discuss the following:

·      What is a Stranger?

·      Who is a Safe Stranger?

·      When is it Safe to Talk to Strangers?

·      How can you know if the stranger might be unsafe?

·      What is a Safe Place?

·      Who can I talk to?

·      Staying Safe Rules

·      No, Go, Yell, and Tell Strategy

·      What’s My Number?

·      Calling for Help

·      Correct names for body parts

·      No one can touch beneath my swimsuit except a doctor and a parent!


Grades 6-12 will discuss the following:

·      Healthy Relationships: boundaries and signs to be aware in unhealthy relationships

·      Puberty, breast and testicles checks (gender separated)

·      Menstrual Cycle for the girls

·      Endocrine System 

·      Stranger Danger Internet Safety


If you have any questions, please see your child’s teacher or me.  Thank you for helping our school community be safer place!

June 21 School assembly 9:05


June 24 Open Campus  If you know of any families who are interested in an English education for their children, please let them know about this day.  All NLIS parents are welcome to enjoy the tours of the classes and the PowerPoint bilingual presentation at 11:00.  The classes are open from 9:30 to 11:00 for observation and a look at the curriculum in each class. 



June 24-28 M-F  Art Fair! 

Viewing can be done from June 24 through the 28th in the 1st-floor hall. Items are not judged;  students and parents are encouraged to write "FAN LETTERS."  Please write only positive things that will encourage our budding artists. The fan letters may be written in English or Japanese.  

Paper and pencils will be available in the hall.


Suggested times for viewing:

Parents of children in 1st through 5th grades:  Monday and Tuesday from 8:40-9:55 and 2:20-3:30.  

Parents of children in grades 6th through 12th grades:   Wednesday and Thursday from 8:40-9:55 and 2:45-4:00. 


June 28 F Movie day for elementary grades 1-5 Report cards will be out on July 5.) Students may bring an extra snack to eat during the movie.


Thank you, as always, for your support and for having wonderful children.  New Life International School is blessed!


Warm regards,

Suzy Brown

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