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Letter concerning bomb threat

The following is a google translation of a letter NLIS received today from Kofu City Hall. There are letters like this often, so we aren't greatly alarmed. However, we want you to be aware.

About the threat of bombing (warning)

Dear Facility Manager,

We become indebted to. I'm Takamura from the Child Care Division at Kofu City Hall. Regarding the above matter, there was a notice email stating that a bomb was planted at 10:35 am on April 19 (Wednesday), targeting the city hall, elementary and junior high schools in the city, and Takeda Shrine. Nursery schools, etc. are not the direct targets, and the possibility of the above facilities being bombed is thought to be low. Please do so. If you find anything suspicious at any facility, please contact the police immediately. Thank you very much.

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