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May News

Dear Parents,

I’m back from Thailand! It was hard work, and I had very little sleep, but I learned a lot as I reviewed an older school that had already achieved accreditation. I observed at least a dozen different classes, had countless meetings with the faculty, staff, board members, parents, and students, and helped a team of four members write a detailed report of the school. In doing so, I learned what is expected of an accredited school, and I’m ready, with the help of the stakeholders of New Life International School, to work hard on our accreditation.

Thank you to all the parents who attended the Open House last Thursday. I know the teachers and students enjoyed your visit. We hope you feel free to revisit your child’s classroom soon.

Miss Ilagan is in Kofu and will start teaching the 1st-grade class on Monday, May 8. Please have your 1st-grade child go directly to their new room in the front building. I am grateful to Miss Stadius for helping the 1st-graders begin their year. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to have nineteen children in two grades alone.

Baseball math, anyone?

All students are invited to come every Tuesday morning from 8:45 to 9:00 to take a math race in the auditorium upstairs. Who will be the fastest in the school? Tables, papers, and stopwatches will be ready. Students, please bring two sharpened pencils.

Students in grades 3 through 11 will answer 144 math problems, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts, in 12 minutes until they can do it with zero mistakes. Then the time will be shortened to 144 facts in 8 minutes and then to 144 facts in 4 minutes. The first ten students who reach the goal of 144 facts in 4 minutes will be given a certificate. Their names will be announced in the student assembly and published on the school website and Facebook. This will only be done from May through July, so hurry and try!

Students in grades kindergarten through grades 2 can take an addition and subtraction race, and be one of the ten winners by being the first to get 72 facts in 6 minutes, then 72 facts in 4 minutes, and finally 72 facts in 2 minutes with zero mistakes. Their names will be announced in the student assembly and published on the school website and Facebook. They will also be given a certificate.

Please mark the following special days in May as follows:

May 8-12, M-F Christianity Week! Special speakers will come from 2:40-3:00 and share inspirational messages. Parents are welcome to join.

May 19, Friday English Bible study

May 12 & 25 M&TH Library

May 22, Monday Students are off. The teachers will be working together on WASC requirements. Our school report is due in June, and we have a lot of work to do.

May 29, Monday Field trip to Kawaguchiko and Monkey Showman Theater. The students will leave Kofu Station at 9:30 AM on a bus to Kawaguchiko. After the monkey show, the students and teachers will walk to the lake and eat their obento lunches. Students should be back by 3:00. We welcome any parents who would like to join; however, parents will need to drive cars since the bus will be at full capacity. More information will follow.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please ask me or your child’s teacher any time.

Warm regards,

Suzy Brown, Principal of NLIS

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