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Newsletter for May

1. NLIS has received candidacy from WASC, the accreditation service we have discussed. We still must continue to work for full accreditation, but this first BIG step is very welcome and expected. This is very good news. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and continued support.

Alana Steward, the WASC coordinator, told me in a letter this week that this was “well-deserved.”

2. Christianity Week has been a wonderful time to watch puppets, hear how people became Christians and/or missionaries, skits, and Bible stories. A special thanks to all who were involved!

3. The 6th grade class is going on their 6th grade school trip on Friday, May 13. It will rain, but they are still planning on having a lot of fun at Yomiuriland in Tokyo. The 5th graders will have their lessons in Mr. Rasson’s classroom on Friday.

4. Personal Safety Days will be held from May 16-18. Children will be separated by grades for the personal safety training. Grades 2 and up will be separated in ages and gender. The children feel more comfortable talking and asking questions this way.

We will use books and crafts to teach these important safety rules.

Grades K-1 boys and girls will meet in the gym with Miss Ito and Miss Fujida. They will use books and crafts to teach these important safety rules. Topics include:

· What is a Stranger?

· Who is a Safe Stranger?

· What is a Safe Place?

· When is it Safe to Talk to Strangers?

· Staying Safe Rules

· No, Go, Yell, and Tell Strategy

· What’s My Number?

· Calling for Help

Grades 2-4 boys will meet in Mr. Brown’s classroom and discuss the topics above. He will use books, videos, and worksheets.

Grades 2-4 girls will meet in Miss Stadius’ classroom with Mrs. Shinohara and discuss the topics above. She will use books, videos, and worksheets.

Grades 5-10 will discuss the following:

· Healthy Relationships: boundaries and signs to be aware in unhealthy relationships

· Puberty

· Menstrual Cycle for the girls

· Endocrine System

· Stranger Danger Internet Safety

The boys will meet with Mr. Rasson in his classroom. The girls will meet in the auditorium with Mrs. Brown and Miss Minshull. The teachers will use books, videos, Powerpoint presentations, experiments, and worksheets.

5. May 26th Field trip to Science Museum Your child has a permission form for you to fill out. The signed form and the payment must be returned to a teacher by May 20.

We will leave at 9:15. Please tell students to come on time! Field trip permission letter. Permission slips and money should be collected by Friday, May 20.

6. An art fair letter has been put on the website and we will send another letter out this or next week. Students should begin working on this project. They may turn it in from June 27.

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