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NLIS Happenings

April 21, 2022

Dear Parents,

The students and teachers are buzzing with activities at NLIS! Please see the following:

April 22 Library

April 22 PSE Meeting 2:00-3:00

April 27 Observation Day

Apr. 29-May 5 OFF Please note that NLIS is closed on Monday, May 2

May 6 Friday is a school day

May 6, 20 Library

May 9-13 Christianity Week – special speakers every day!

Monday – Professional ventriloquists, Mr. & Mrs. Ikeda, Mr. Ikeda teaches Japanese at NLIS

Tuesday – Roberta Koishi, retired missionary teacher, NLIS Board member

Wednesday – Megumi Watanabe, teacher, NLIS board member

Thursday – Jonathan Rasson, NLIS teacher

Friday – Dr. Danny Brown, Pastor of New Life Church, teacher at Yamanashi Eiwa College, NLIS Consultant

May 13 6th graders field trip

May 16-18 Personal Safety Week *See below for more information.

May 26 School Field trip More information soon

Parking Lot Notice: NLIS is having growing pains! We have new students and new teachers, making parking more of a challenge. We are fortunate to be able to rent half of the gravel parking lot on the south side of the school since parking is very expensive in the central Kofu area. (The normal rate is one car space for¥8,000 a month.) We have to be very careful to follow the rules of the owner of the lot. Please use only the side that parallels the school entrance parking lot. If you have questions about the location, ask any teacher or staff member.

In order to help alleviate the parking problem, we are asking your understanding in the following:

· After Golden Week, all parents with children from grades 4 and up should no longer use either of the parking lots. We ask that older children be dropped and picked up away from the school.

· Only small cars should use the front parking, while large cars and vans should use the side parking. The exception are the teachers who must park in the side parking all day.

· The secondary class of physical education has been changed to meet earlier so the front parking lot is now open for cars to pick up the younger children, grades kindergarten through grade 3.

· On special days such as Observation Day, etc., the front parking lot cannot be used before 2:30. The classes have recess (playtime), lunch, and physical education in the front parking area every day from 10:00 to 2:30. There is paid parking up the street near the bakery on Asahi Dori that is reasonable, and the side gravel lot is available until full.

· At pick up and drop off times, please do not park longer than 5 minutes. If parents come and go quickly, there is enough space. If you would like to stay to talk with other parents and or teachers, please park near the school in a paid parking.

Personal Safety Days will be held from May 16-18. All children are separated by grades for the personal safety training. Grades 2 and up will be separated in ages and gender. The children feel more comfortable talking and asking questions this way.

Grades K-4 will discuss the following topics:

· What is a Stranger?

· Who is a Safe Stranger?

· What is a Safe Place?

· When is it Safe to Talk to Strangers?

· Staying Safe Rules

· No, Go, Yell, and Tell Strategy

· What’s My Number?

· Calling for Help

Grades 5-10 will discuss the following topics:

· Healthy Relationships: boundaries and signs to be aware in unhealthy relationships

· Review the No, Go, Yell, and Tell Strategy

· Puberty

· Menstrual Cycle for the girls

· Endocrine System

· Stranger Danger Internet Safety

If you have any questions about the topics, materials, and how they are discussed in the classrooms, please see your child’s teacher.

Thank you for helping our school community be safer and a great place to belong!

Warmest regards,

Suzy Brown

Principal of NLIS

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