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NLIS Welcomes Two New Teachers

New Life International School is pleased to welcome two new teachers to start in April 2023. Both teachers are highly qualified, experienced teachers. They both graduated from top-rated universities where they made high grades and come warmly recommended. They underwent two interviews each, first with me and then with a three-member hiring committee and everyone agreed that these teachers are a great fit for NLIS.

Since NLIS must split the 1st and 2nd grade combined classes because of the growth we have experienced, we are pleased to welcome Khristine Ilagan as the new first-grade teacher. Miss Ilagan has a Bachelor's in Elementary Education, an elementary teacher's certificate, a 120-hour TEFL (Teaching English) certificate, training in the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, 3 years of 3rd-grade teaching experience in an international Christian school in the Philippines, and she is working toward a Master of Arts in Education. In the interviews, we were all very impressed with Miss Ilagan. We believe her gentle manner will help the students learn well, and feel happy and safe at school. We are truly blessed to have Miss Ilagan join us!

NLIS is also very pleased to welcome Andrea Boko as a new high school teacher. She has a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education with a major in English, a secondary teacher's certificate, a 120-hour TEFL certificate, and three years of teaching experience to junior high and high school students. The hiring committee unanimously agreed that we like the young, vivacious Miss Boko very much, and we believe that the students will learn a lot from her. She will teach English literature, writing, science, and Bible with Mr. Rasson, 9th grade Math, and the electives, photography, art, home economics, and possibly P.E. Miss Boko is a very good writer and is planning to start a class blog. We are thrilled to have Miss Boko join New Life International School! We are truly blessed to have great, highly-trained teachers at NLIS.

On a sad note, Miss Minshull is leaving NLIS in March. She is the first full-time teacher to leave our school since we opened 9 years ago. Miss Minshull had hoped that she could teach at NLIS full-time in Japan and continue to run her music school in England online, but the time difference of 9 hours proved to be too difficult. Miss Minshull is a gifted teacher, and she has made music come alive to our students. She says that she truly enjoyed her year at NLIS and that the students are amazing. I agree with her entirely about our students, but we are sad to see Miss Minshull go!

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