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Small tuition Increase for 2024-25 School Year

Dear Parents,

Many of you have told me that New Life International School is the best school in Yamanashi, and I agree. We are proud of the teachers, the curriculum, the staff, the parents, and especially the students.

We want to help our students’ learning opportunities by having better supplies, programs, and first-rate teachers. I have resisted raising the tuition and promised to do my best not to increase it. However, I didn’t know that the yen to dollar rate would increase alarmingly and that inflation would hit America and Japan, causing everything an international school needs to cost at least a third more. Therefore, to continue to be the best and improve, we must raise the tuition by 3% for the first child. Monthly tuition will rise by 2,000 yen, to ¥65,000 a month, for the first child, and only 750 yen, to ¥48,000 a month, for siblings, which is a 1.58% increase. This will start in April 2024. We will continue to do our best to keep the tuition as low as possible without compromising our future growth and your child’s education.

As a side note, teachers are not receiving extra bonuses or raises from this increase. NLIS has a salary schedule that allows raises when the teachers have worked for a specific number of years. All the teachers and staff work hard to continue to provide excellent, affordable English education and a Japanese language program.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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