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WASC Candidacy!

Good morning!

NLIS has received candidacy from WASC, the accreditation service we have discussed. We still must continue to work for full accreditation, but this first BIG step is very welcome and expected. This is very good news. Thank you for for your hard work, dedication, and continued support.

Here is the letter I received this morning:

May 5, 2022 Suzy Brown, Principal New Life International School 5-4-16 Asahi Kofu, Yamanashi 400-0025 Japan Dear Suzy Brown: The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) announces the action taken at the Spring 2022 Commission Meeting. The ACS WASC Commissioners have determined New Life International School (K-9) meets the ACS WASC criteria for candidacy. This status is based on all of the information provided by the school, including the initial visit report, and the satisfactory completion of the initial accreditation visit. It is the decision of the Commission to grant New Life International School (K-9) Candidacy Status through June 30, 2025. Schools with candidacy status are required to prepare a written progress report during the spring of the school year following the initial visit. The report should include the progress being made in meeting the recommendations of the initial visit visiting committee. Instructions for preparing and submitting this report will be provided to the school. Prior to the end of this initial candidacy period, schools must complete a self-study assessment and submit a self-study report, including the progress made in meeting the recommendations of the initial visit visiting committee. Self-study training will be provided and schools will be expected to have key staff participate in these training sessions. An ACS WASC visiting committee will conduct a site visit to review the self-study findings and supporting evidence, conduct classroom observations, and dialogue with all stakeholders. The committee will evaluate the programs and operations and the impact on student learning. Candidacy status is conditioned upon New Life International School's continued adherence with the ACS WASC policies, procedures, and criteria. One requirement is the obligation of schools to notify ACS WASC of any changes which might be substantive in nature with an explanation of the change and the anticipated effect on the educational program (see attached). Another requirement is that schools and districts annually contribute members to participate on visiting committees. This is particularly helpful to newly accredited schools in order to gain a better understanding of the accreditation process. New members can sign up to serve on a visiting committee on the ACS WASC website at


The Commission looks forward to New Life International School's anticipated success and continuing improvement in keeping with ACS WASC's pursuit of excellence in elementary, secondary, and adult education.

Sincerely, R. David Gaudi Jr., Ed.D. Commission Chairperson

God bless us at NLIS as we continue to provide exceptional education to our students! Note, we only had up to grade 9 when we were evaluated. However, grade 9 is high school in America and our high school students will graduated from an accredited school.

Warmest regards,

Suzy Brown

Principal of New Life International School

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