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WASC Orientation Letter

Dear Parents,

As you know, we are all working hard to make our school the best school in Yamanashi with

full accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. This is to ensure

that your children will be able to go to universities around the world, including in Japan. This

letter explains the accreditation process and the steps the faculty must take.

First, NLIS’s history with WASC:

• New Life International School began working on the initial report in the fall of 2019.

• The teachers participated in a workshop with the visiting committee from WASC in

the spring of 2020.

• NLIS faculty prepared a 68-page initial report and applied for the initial visit in

November 2020.

• A visiting committee from WASC virtually visited our school from September 7 to

the 9th, 2021. (This was during the pandemic.)

• The teachers, staff, and board members participated in three two-hour Zoom

workshops in the winter of 2021.

• Mr. Rasson and the principal attended three two-hour Zoom workshops in the spring

of 2022.

• New Life International School turned in an updated, improved report and received

candidacy for grades K through 9 in May 2022.

Note: These were the only classes taught when the WASC visited NLIS. We are now

applying for grades 1 through 12.

• From June 2022, all teaching staff worked on the “Candidate Report,” which is an

updated report following candidacy.

• Mr. Rasson and the principal attended three Zoom workshops on how to

visit other schools seeking accreditation in the fall and winter of 2022-23.

• The principal visited AIMS, an accredited K-12 school in Thailand, in April 2023.

She was on a four-person team to view and write a report WASC concerning the


• NLIS turned in the 45-page “Candidate Report” in June 2023.

• The “Candidate Report” was approved in August 2023.

• From September 2023, we began working on a “Self-Report” to turn in by November

2024. This report is a detailed study. It will be over a hundred pages. Details of how

we are working on this are below.

• When the report is approved, a visiting committee of three WASC coordinators will

come to NLIS for five days to observe the school and speak with the students, the

parents, the staff, the board members, and the teachers. We hope they will come in

February of 2025.

• Upon a successful visit, New Life International School will have full accreditation

with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges by the school year 2025-26.

• We must continually update our program and report to WASC every year.

• A WASC team will come and visit us every three to six years.

The process of completing the Self-Study report (the report we are completing now):

• On October 4, 11, and 18, 2023, all teachers participated in three two-hour WASC

self-study training sessions via Zoom.• After each training session, the teachers recapped the training and discussed the


• The teachers split into three home groups of two teachers each and began to meet in

home groups every two to three weeks.

• The Committee of the Whole (all faculty) meets every three weeks until June 2024 to

complete the report.

• The report must be collaborative; therefore, the office staff, board members, English-

speaking PSE leaders, some parents, and the student council will participate in

reviewing parts from each chapter and providing feedback.

The timeline of the Self-Study report:

• From October through December 2023, a home group worked on the Introduction,

Chapter 1.

• The principal wrote the required orientation letter (this letter) with frequent input

from the teachers and stakeholders.

• November and December: Home groups and Committee of the Whole complete

Chapter 2.

• January-June 2024: Home groups and Committee of the Whole complete Chapter 3.

• On April 5, the Committee of the Whole will meet from 9:30 to 5:30 to work on

Chapter 3.

• On June 10, the Committee of the Whole will meet for a full workshop day to update

Chapters 1 through 3.

• July 2024: Home groups and Committee of the Whole complete Chapter 4.

• September-October: Home groups and Committee of the Whole will complete

Chapter 5.

• November: Every teacher, principal, board member, and some parents, office

workers, and the student council will review parts of the school report.

• November 2024: Turn in the NLIS Self-Report.

• Wait for WASC to approve the report and schedule a visit to NLIS, hopefully in

February 2025.

Thank you for being so supportive as we endeavor to improve our school. If you have any

questions, all the teachers are involved with this process, so please feel free to ask your

child’s teacher or me.

Best regards,

Suzy Brown

Principal of New Life International School

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