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Keeping our Students Safe in the Parking Lot

Dear Parents,


NLIS has many parents and teachers who use the parking lots regularly. NLIS has two parking lots with 23 spaces. Therefore, the teachers and staff have created the following guidelines:


1. Parents with large cars or vans, please only use the side gravel parking lot. Large vehicles have trouble getting in and out, causing the cars to back up. The entrance is where children cross, so it is particularly dangerous.  


2. Please come at your oldest child’s class time. The younger sibling will wait in their classroom until their older sister or brother finishes the school day. For example, if you have a child in 7th and kindergarten, please come at 3:30. Your kindergarten child will wait with their teacher until you get them at 3:30.


Release times are:


3:00 for kindergarten through 2nd grade

3:15 for 3rd grade through 6th grade      

3:30 for 7th grade through 12th grade    


 3. Children must not play in the parking lot anytime it is open for cars. Parents must come into the classroom to pick up their children when they arrive and should keep them from playing in the parking lot. If a parent wants to talk with another parent, please arrange to come ten minutes early and talk before you come in to get your child. 

4. Pedestrians should only use the sides of the parking lot and never walk in the center.  Please see the map attached.


5. Ten minutes should be the maximum time in the parking lot for each car.


Thank you for helping the students to be safe.


Warm regards,

Suzy Brown,


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