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Oct. reminders & November news

Dear Parents,

Aren’t you loving this fall weather? I hope you are all getting out and enjoying it. Here are some October reminders and a few new happenings.

  1. October 19, Thursday, is Picture Day! The children should wear the uniform color or the school T-shirt. We will take pictures, class by class, from 9:45 to 12:00. Please ensure your children look exceptionally handsome or beautiful on this day.

  2. October 23, Monday, is Open Campus. If you know anyone interested in learning about New Life International School, please tell them about this day. Prospective parents visit the school, look at the curriculum, and hear a PowerPoint presentation in Japanese or English.

  3. October 23rd-27th is Spirit Week for all the students from grades seven and up. The students will dress in different costumes every day and have various activities during the week. M: School colors T: Pajamas W: Festival! (yukata) Th: Famous Person F: Anime (no scary costumes, please). Students must dress modestly and participate in at LEAST three days. If the student is embarrassed about riding the train in costume, we will give them a place to change. The elementary students will vote on their favorite costumes. We will announce the winners in the November school assembly.

  4. October 27, Friday, is Fall party day! Thank you for volunteering party food for the classes. The students in elementary, K through 6, may dress up for this day! They may dress as an animal (only real ones, please, no unicorns) or dress for a career – something they want to be when they grow up (no pretend things like Harry Potter wizards or princesses, please). Please help your children with their costumes. We can’t wait to see all the “animals” and “grown-ups” in our school on October 27, Friday! Thank you for helping your children.

  5. October 30, Monday, is the first day of food donations. Thank you very much for your generosity and excellent example to your children of giving. PSE has sent you a letter with specific guidelines. If you haven’t received a letter from them, please tell someone at the front desk.

Below is a peek at what NLIS students and teachers will do in November.

November Events

1st W First day of Christmas Market Donations Please put gently used items or new items in the room across the junior high room.

1st-17th Food Bank Donations

2nd TH Library

3rd F OFF

10th F Assembly; Movie Day K-6; Parents’ Bible Study

17th F Library; Report Cards for K-6

20th M OFF Yamanashi Day

22nd W Midorigaoka Sports Field Day!

23rd TH OFF Labor Day

24th F Student-led Parent Teacher Meetings; No Classes

Blessings to you all!


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